Quips & Quotes by Gwen E Campbell on “The Disappearance of E.A.B”

Another time Amelia had noticed something outside, a bird, a butterfly, a dream – who knew? Whatever it was, it lured her outside, down the drive, and up the road. That was fine, nothing wrong with that, except that it was a hot summer day, and the further she went, the hotter she got, and the hotter she got, the more clothes she took off. Since she didn’t wear underclothes, she was soon down to nothing. Old August Miller had gone out for his mail and saw her, wandering around dazed and wearing nothing, but a pair of tennis shoes. He walked up to her and said, “You better go back home Missus before you get sunburned.” He had the foresight to point her towards the house. She fled home to her sanctuary, leaving behind her clothes for Wendell and Anna to pick up on their way home that night. Just another story to spread around the town.

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