“The Disappearance of E.A.B.” – A Mystery

EAB cover I

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What if you discovered your whole world was an insane lie?
What if another’s single choice – changed everything for you?

Discovering her father’s diary along with thousands of copies of an out-of-town newspaper sends Anna Kinner on a life changing quest. She realizes that every choice has consequences and now she sees that her parents’ choices had profoundly changed her life. She faces her fears and travels to the place where it all began, struggling to unravel the reasons and choices others had made. Her search leads eventually to a man who changes the whole meaning of her life.

Follow this fascinating tale of a desperate young woman searching for her true identity. Witness Anna’s struggle as she grapples with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, insanity and loyalty. Will Anna find the peace of mind she seeks or will she discover the root of madness within herself.
An intriguing novel about compelling love, questionable family ties, perseverance and the connections that bind us to others-whether we like it or not.

Published by Solo Press II
Alexis Campbell Jansky
Richard Jansky
Copyright © 2014


4 comments on ““The Disappearance of E.A.B.” – A Mystery

  1. Looks compelling! Thanks for sharing and for the follow. Feedback appreciated on my latest book “Park avenue to Park Bench” Read it here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/218807150/Park-Avenue-to-Park-Bench

  2. I enjoyed it from start to finish the characters were intriguing the story well paced and I sympathised with the protagonist from the get go

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