Quips and Quotes from “Always Going” by Gwen E Campbell

Gwen Campbell traveled rather extensively as a young girl from the years of 1937 to 1945. This story of her life and adventures covers many miles of the Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma even California.

One day when we went to town, I was left out in the car. I don’t know whose car it was because all we ever had was a pickup. Anyway, a black mother had left her baby out in a baby buggy in front of the store. I went over and looked in, and that was the cutest little thing I ever saw. I got it out of the buggy and was trying to get it into the car, but it was squalling bloody murder. Both mothers came running out of the store. The baby’s mother rescued it. She told me, “You don’t have to take my baby. Some day you can have your own.” So that set up Plan A. I would be a mother.

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Quips & Quotes from Gwen on “Always Going”

Chapter 1: About her mother

One picture I have is of her making pie, rolling out the dough and wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. She was 25 years old. She was too young to be twice married, with a child and a drinking husband.

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Quotes from “Always Going” by Gwen E. Campbell

Gwen Campbell traveled rather extensively as a young girl from the years of 1937 to 1945. This story of her life and adventures covers many miles of the Southwest Texas, Oklahoma, and even California.

Chapter 1:

My memories are like movies or film clips with some of the pieces missing, but the scenes I recall are sharp and clear. I am always fascinated by the things we choose to remember and the things we choose to forget.

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The beginning of a new year of quotes and thoughts, by Gwen

Notes from Alexis: Well, I believe I will be posting the last letter from Mom. I moved closer to them and tended to visit more, so no more letters. It is truly a loss, to not have her thoughts on paper anymore. BUT – I have decided to start sharing her Quotes from her published books. I think you will find them delightful and intriguing. I have a feeling it will make you want to read her books. So this year begins a new year of blogging and sharing the thoughts of Gwen.

Looking forward to sharing with all of you in the future.


July 1, 1993

Dearest Lex,

“I seat myself to write you this letter.” That is how the letters all started from Aunt Dolly, who sent me information from the Wootans. They were all written around 1900. I thought they were so neat.

I just gave myself a perm, and I’m all tuckered out, although it is the easiest I have ever given myself. Now about Grannie’s kitty. He has turned out to be the greatest feline hunter in Keno, maybe Oregon, maybe the world. The body count as far as we know is two squirrels, two birds, sixteen pocket gophers, who knows how many mice, and one small (very small) water snake. He brings all his kill’s home for Mom, so that’s how we know. He has just about caught all the game on the property and now goes roaming all over the neighborhood looking for more.

One of the pocket gophers he caught was big and heavy, and he was having a devil of a time dragging it home and getting it up the steps. He just about had it up on Mom’s porch when another cat came out from under her porch and snatched it away from him, and ran off with it. Mom was watching from inside her house, and she said he had the most surprised look on his face. Since then he runs all the other cats off the property.

If you don’t believe in fate you will after this next story. I offered to give J. my old computer after the hard drive went out because I couldn’t get anything for it. The man I bought my new one from would have given me $150 for it ,if the hard drive worked, but nothing without it.

J.said, “Does it have color? Does it have Windows?” I really got pissed and told him he didn’t even know how to use a computer, so what difference did it make whether it had color or Windows?

Sunday he called and asked if I still had the computer. I said yes, and it still didn’t have color or Windows. So he did a little backtracking and crawling. The thing is, J. & J. are using computers in school, and it suddenly dawned on him, he was the only one in the family who couldn’t use one.

So I decided to go in and try to set it up to use on the A drive and bypass the hard drive. I grabbed the Boot disk I thought I had used on the A drive and cranked it up.

Would you believe it – it loaded the hard drive? I just about fell over when I saw C:\ on the screen. I ran through the directories, loaded Wordstar and worked on it, and everything was fine. If I was the only one who thought it didn’t work, I wouldn’t say a word, but I took it into the shop, and they said it was gone, too. Of course, I wouldn’t have bought a new one if it had worked, so perhaps it was fate that J. got himself a computer. J. and Dad said it went on strike because I overworked it, and it wanted a rest.

I spent the day setting it up so J. could work on the hard drive as long as it works; then he can go to the A drive, when it quits again. I was still a little put out with J. and figured he would just play around with it, and all my hard work would be for naught, but he surprised me. He came over Monday night and was really impressed and eager to learn.

He has quit the J.C.’s, and I think he is bored. Even he can only watch so many cartoons. He left the computer here, and he and Je. are coming over tonight for another lesson. He was a little bowled over by how much there was to it. Of course, Je. has been using computers at the Herald & News for years, and believes she knows a lot. However, she is on a LAN system, and what she knows is only the one program. I seriously doubt that she knows DOS and Wordstar and Quattro. I think she has a rude awakening coming. I really hate teaching husbands and wives anything. They may prove the exception. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Well, Dad’s fountain is just beautiful–maybe the most beautiful fountain in the world. He has a small bit left to do; then he’ll start on the ledge and start building the waterfall. He is as nervous as can be, and has been from the start, and is very excited. I do believe it is the first time he has had a creative vision, and then executed it. That thrill we have gotten with all our projects, and which he could never understand, has now hit him. It’s a little late in life, but he has now joined the ranks. He just lives through the week so he can get to his fountain. He set up the screen tent over it so it wouldn’t dry too quickly. P. B. stopped by and asked if he was sleeping out there to keep anyone from stealing it. All the neighbors are dying of curiosity, but there isn’t much to see, as he keeps it all covered over, so it won’t dry too fast.

Well, got to run. This is my downtown library day. I’ve already lost half a week – what with computers, perms, and the house cleaning.

Take care and write when you have time.

Love, Mom

“The Inheritance” newly published book by Gwen E Campbell!

The Inheritance

The Inheritance

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All I want to do is nap, and since I love napping, all is well.

Notes from Alexis: Hibernation mode is Mom’s way of dealing with the winter. She and the bears love that napping thing.

November 16, 1992

Dearest Lex.

My gosh, there is just no news from this barren wasteland. We just truck along doing the same old thing every day. Of course, I love it.

I have finally got my project load back up to about ten, and thus have lowered my anxiety load by 1000%. I bothers me terribly to have only one or two projects going. Of course, it also bothers me if all of them are on the boil at the same time. I like to pick and choose, wandering around sampling first one and then the other.

My workload has decreased since Granny is dirtying up her house and mine only once or twice a day. Since I have now gone into hibernation mode that is a super plus. I don’t feel bad, but all I want to do is nap, and since I love napping, all is well.

I have found the loveliest quilt pattern and couldn’t stand it and had to get started. I usually wait until after January 1rst to start a quilt, but this one wouldn’t wait.

I need the little gadget that you sit on a small picture, and it throws an enlarged picture on the wall. Dad had seen one advertised in one of his woodworking catalogs and suggested it as a Xmas gift for Little J., but I was cool to the idea. Then all of a sudden I needed it, because the book has a 2 inch square pattern, which I was supposed to transfer to a 24 inch square paper. The thought boggles the mind eh? So right off I called their 800 number and gave my order to a voice-activated recording. What a trip. You know how Dad hates talking to your phone message tape. Now I have a hate for “order tapes.” It’s going to be interesting to see what I get. Dad can hardly wait, and has already started talking about getting his gadget enlarger? Whatever!

Je. called me and told me J. has given her an engagement ring and wants to get married in March. She paused and said, “That seems awfully soon.” I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch, you can’t help but liking her.

Granny has dedicated her life to the cat, and we get daily bulletins about how cute and wonderful he is. He must also be smart since he has got her pretty well trained in such a short time. We were trying to think of all the words Hanzi knows (the dog). He’s got us trained too, and considering how dumb we are, he’s done exceptionally well.

Dad has been feeling better, except he’s got a vertebrae out of place and has a really stiff neck. He went out to Buster’s and worked it out.

The weather has been cold and dry for the most part, and Dad put the snow plow on the tractor to try to influence the gods.

Well, dear girl, I have to stop and take a nap, so will write later. Take good care of yourself and write soon.



Well, it seems I do nothing but bellyache!

(Notes from Alexis: We all wonder what hell may be like, I think Mom has found it.)

April 23. 1992

Dearest Lex,

I sat down at the table with warm sunshine spilling onto me and the table, but Granny got up to eat, and I lit out for the computer room. I can’t take the belching, farting, groaning and grunting. That way may be my fate some day, but I can’t take it now.

Well. I’m sorry you weren’t here for the circus. You would have died laughing. I decided to fix up Mom’s trailer. Dad and I both hated the couch, so we were going to take it out. Sounds easy when you say it fast. We tried it every which-a-way, upsides down and backwards, – no way Jose’.

We finally found one way that was within a couple of inches, and decided if we took the trellis off it would go. Nope, but we gained – just 1” to go…! I even took the doorknob off. The post that supports the roof wouldn’t let the door open flat against the trailer as the door knob hit it.We took the knob off and with brute strength, and ignorance, was able to get it out. We put it on our sun porch, so now we have a hide-a-bed on the new sleeping porch.

We cleaned up the living room of her trailer (not mine, it is still a mess), and it is beautiful. I am going to get a sewing table and set up my sewing machine in her living room so I can sew up those three or four quilts I have cut out. Also, I’m going to clean out that rats nest that Dad has made of the barn. I hate it all junked up, and I’m going to do something about it.

Well, Dad went back to work on the 13th, and what a hassle. First off the computers are Reynolds & Reynolds and totally different from ADP he was used to, not one thing the same. Then there are seven or eight different lines of cars, and he didn’t know six of them. Then they don’t have parts books; it is all on the computers. The same computers he doesn’t know, right?

They were so busy that nobody had time to train him. Just threw him in, sink or swim. Then on top of everything else they set him to returning parts. They have about $30,000 worth of obsolete parts that have never been returned. Now these are not all neat and tidy on shelves. Parts thrown into boxes, so he has to dig through and fish them out, clean them up, and box them, then get the computer to print out a return slip (if he can).

Boy, that first week he nearly died. Then on Friday his boss had time to work with him, and teach him at least how to get in and out of some of the main functions. Now he has decided he can learn it, and he feels a lot better. There for that first week he wasn’t sure. He also sees that he will certainly be earning his wages.

Speaking of computers. Comptalk finally figured out the reason Calcastar & Formsort wouldn’t work. It seems that they were set with a top memory of 512K max so when I upgraded to 640K I went out of their range. Well, weird things do happen!

After walking around the problem of how to replace my data programs, I realized that sorting is one of the things I do really well. When I was a child, we called it ‘filing,’ so I just put them into Wordstar and got on with life. No problem.

Of course, I had lost a week and a half, all told, so I was way behind with my work. During the time off is when I conceived “the plan” to use Mom’s trailer as my rec room. Spending a day or two with her is like hell. At least Hell won’t come as any surprise when I get there -I’m all prepped.

I’m nearly through with “Shipwreck John” I have another five days indexing. Indexing makes me cross and cranky, so I am trying to think of fun things to do. Wait! Wait, I’m thinking!

Today a genealogy-computer friend is coming over, and I am going to show her how to set up her program to do Genealogy. Oh, and I’m cooking rhubarb in the crock pot. Maybe I need some yarn and a knitting project.

Well, it seems I do nothing but bellyache, and I am sick and tired of bellyaching, but like all addicts I won’t stop it until I can replace it with something better.

I have found a new author. Ann Orysdalei, ‘Faint Heart Never Kissed a Pig,’ which I haven’t read because I can’t find it. And ‘Pearls Before Swine’ which is a tad hard to get into, because she is British, but persevere because her stories are just delightful.

Well, Cheerio and all that rot.