Quips & Quotes from “Always Going” by Gwen E Campbell

Gwen Campbell traveled rather extensively as a young girl from the years of 1937 to 1945. This story of her life and adventures covers many miles of the Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma even California.

In his youth, he was handsome. I’ve seen the pictures. He had the black hair and blue eyes that women find so captivating. He captivated and charmed Ida Leonora (his first wife) out of her youth, and into grief and despair and an early grave. She died in childbirth, delivering prematurely her ninth child. She died in travail and anguish with only her 14 year old daughter to help her in those last desperate hours. She was 36 years old. The newborn child was too premature, too tiny. It was too much to expect such a mite to live in 1915, but she did. They put her in a shoebox and put her in the oven, and she lived. How do you explain such a thing? She had strength, determination and tenacity.

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