Quips and Quotes from “Always Going” by Gwen E Campbell

Gwen Campbell traveled rather extensively as a young girl from the years of 1937 to 1945. This story of her life and adventures covers many miles of the Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma even California.

One day when we went to town, I was left out in the car. I don’t know whose car it was because all we ever had was a pickup. Anyway, a black mother had left her baby out in a baby buggy in front of the store. I went over and looked in, and that was the cutest little thing I ever saw. I got it out of the buggy and was trying to get it into the car, but it was squalling bloody murder. Both mothers came running out of the store. The baby’s mother rescued it. She told me, “You don’t have to take my baby. Some day you can have your own.” So that set up Plan A. I would be a mother.

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