All I want to do is nap, and since I love napping, all is well.

Notes from Alexis: Hibernation mode is Mom’s way of dealing with the winter. She and the bears love that napping thing.

November 16, 1992

Dearest Lex.

My gosh, there is just no news from this barren wasteland. We just truck along doing the same old thing every day. Of course, I love it.

I have finally got my project load back up to about ten, and thus have lowered my anxiety load by 1000%. I bothers me terribly to have only one or two projects going. Of course, it also bothers me if all of them are on the boil at the same time. I like to pick and choose, wandering around sampling first one and then the other.

My workload has decreased since Granny is dirtying up her house and mine only once or twice a day. Since I have now gone into hibernation mode that is a super plus. I don’t feel bad, but all I want to do is nap, and since I love napping, all is well.

I have found the loveliest quilt pattern and couldn’t stand it and had to get started. I usually wait until after January 1rst to start a quilt, but this one wouldn’t wait.

I need the little gadget that you sit on a small picture, and it throws an enlarged picture on the wall. Dad had seen one advertised in one of his woodworking catalogs and suggested it as a Xmas gift for Little J., but I was cool to the idea. Then all of a sudden I needed it, because the book has a 2 inch square pattern, which I was supposed to transfer to a 24 inch square paper. The thought boggles the mind eh? So right off I called their 800 number and gave my order to a voice-activated recording. What a trip. You know how Dad hates talking to your phone message tape. Now I have a hate for “order tapes.” It’s going to be interesting to see what I get. Dad can hardly wait, and has already started talking about getting his gadget enlarger? Whatever!

Je. called me and told me J. has given her an engagement ring and wants to get married in March. She paused and said, “That seems awfully soon.” I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch, you can’t help but liking her.

Granny has dedicated her life to the cat, and we get daily bulletins about how cute and wonderful he is. He must also be smart since he has got her pretty well trained in such a short time. We were trying to think of all the words Hanzi knows (the dog). He’s got us trained too, and considering how dumb we are, he’s done exceptionally well.

Dad has been feeling better, except he’s got a vertebrae out of place and has a really stiff neck. He went out to Buster’s and worked it out.

The weather has been cold and dry for the most part, and Dad put the snow plow on the tractor to try to influence the gods.

Well, dear girl, I have to stop and take a nap, so will write later. Take good care of yourself and write soon.