Virtue is it’s own reward, and now I have proof!

Notes from Alexis: Back in the “Good Ole Days” when a publisher wouldn’t publish your books, the next option was to print and bind them yourself. That is what she did for the next 10 years.

(How nice to have e-books today)

March 23, 1992

Dearest Lex,

Virtue is its own reward. I have been told this many times, but now I have proof. When I went out to the pump house to get your steam trays, I found the crock pot. Dad got it with bonus points years ago. It came in the summer and was too hot to use, so after one time I put it away and plumb forgot about it.

Dad had been nagging for Boston baked beans, but it always seemed too much bother. He found a recipe in the Frug’s book called New England Baked Beans, so I made up 1/2 the recipe and boy was it good. I also made celery bread (hold the celery seeds) and what a treat. Then I made chili, and it was super good, too. We are going to try deep fried cheese, and sopapillas next. I don’t like to deep fry in the house because of the grease smell, so we will cook on the porch.

This is spring vacation and Little J. is coming out Tuesday night and staying until Saturday afternoon.

I got the book binder and wow, do I love it. It is easy as pie to use. I say that after making all kinds of horrible mistakes, but once I settled down it takes me about 15 minutes to bind a book, and are they ever lovely.

I am enclosing the new book label for you to see. I loved everything about the ones you made except the “Solo Press,” so I bought some new letters and fixed that. I am going to let Little J. make a book with the letters, and bind it while he is here.

Dad’s last day at Cascade will be the 31st. Then he will take off until the 13th when he will go to work at West One. They begged him to stay at Cascade. When they saw his mind was made up, they told him if he ever wanted to come back, to call them. He felt better about it and that there were no hard feelings. It felt good that three places wanted him.

The weather has been blowing hot and cold, and is now threatening rain, but it’s probably just a threat.

Mom said today that she felt pretty good and might try going over to her trailer. I told her that during the day when I try to nap, she wakes me up talking to the dog and banging around. So if she wanted to go over for an hour or so, it would help me. That’s the worst time of the day to be around her, that and her eating. She has started eating her dinner about 3 PM, which is when she likes to eat anyway. I’ll tell you one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever gotten was not having her eat with us.

TV has been so awful I’ve been going over & working on jigsaw puzzles, and what lovely peace and quiet that is.

Well, I’m about out of anything to write, so will close for now & get this funny book off to you. I got such a kick out of it. His writing is just off the wall, and I find myself tee-heeing all day long. I don’t like doctors as doctors, but I love doctor-writers.