I even forget to be thankful for electricity and “self-come water!”

Notes from Alexis: She is a powerhouse of “doing.” Books for genealogy that require enormous “Index’s”, hunting stories, and dreams, fill the winter days.

November 7, 1991

Dearest Lex,

Well, the mole has finally surfaced and is blinking into the daylight. In other words, I have finished the “INDEX” for Henry Tuthill – 16,562 data entries. I tell you it’s worse than taking inventory or weeding onions. I really dread an “Index” and this one took two weeks, and this with the greatest index software imaginable- SKY3. It does most of the work, but still…!

Consequently, I hardly know anything to write about because all I have been doing is the index – day and night.

However, one or two items. Dad’s job situation is getting “curiouser and curiouser.” First the company that bought D. Chevrolet out came down and told L. (Dad’s boss) that they wanted him and all the crew. They said they would build a new building out by their old one and in the meantime; they would rent the building from D. Chevrolet, and they would stay where they are until then.

Then another dealership talked to L. and told him they want him and the crew to come and run their parts department, and would build a new place for them. So all is in an uproar, especially since Co. 1 heard that Co. 2 was dickering. So all is speculation. L. had Dad and P. Z. (the other main parts-man) over last night, to discuss it all. In any case they are leaving it up to L. He always seems to land on his feet, so we’ll see what comes down.

I’ll tell you a couple of dreams because they were so funny. First: Dad had a nightmare up at the hunting camp. He dreamed a big hairy monster attacked him and was biting his finger. He screamed out loud and woke up everybody. O. got up to see what was going on and realized Dad was dreaming, so he stoked the fire, and that woke Dad. He swore his finger was still hurting after he woke up. It sure stirred the guys up and gave them a laugh.

Second: I dreamed that I was baking Oreo cookies, but I couldn’t decide whether I needed six cups of flour, six cups of cocoa or six cups of cornstarch. But the real problem was how to get that design stamped on them. I tell you it is probably a good thing we aren’t able to take the top off our heads and look into the inner workings. What we can see is strange enough.

No, they didn’t get an elk, and the trip was too much. It snowed on them going up, and after they had got there, the temperature was zero practically every night, warming up to twenty degrees in the daytime. They camped in two feet of snow, and all had a grand time. They gave up and came home a day early, vowing no more winter hunting.

Today I will probably go to town and work up my title page for my latest book. Do you realize this is my ninth book to publish, with three more in the works. It staggers me when I think of it. Remember that dream I had where I saw a stack of my books but could not see the titles. Good thing. What do you suppose I would have made of ‘Descendants of Henry Tuthill 1612 -1650” or “Guide Through DataStar/ReportStar?”

You know we need to win the lottery or something as I am about to outgrow my two cubby holes. I really envy your nice big room to lay out your materials and go off and leave it.

I tell you, I am sick and tired of having to move something, so I can do whatever I am doing, and then twenty minutes later have to put it all back. What a waste of time and energy.

See what I mean about doing the index? It makes me cross and cranky and besides that I feel so sorry for myself that sometimes I even forget to be thankful for electricity and “self-come water.”

Well, sweetheart, I don’t know much but am getting ready to print the “INDEX” so must close for now.