I don’t have a “Real Job,” so I have to do my “Unreal Job”

Notes from Alexis: Mom and Grandma will always be at odds. I think daughters and mothers just have that problem. I speak from experience.

Sept.4, 1991

Dearest Lex,

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve angered the paper – feeding gods; this time on the copier. One of the wheels broke and had to be replaced to the tune of $58. Gosh, publishing is such fun.

Well, of course, I’m teasing and it is fun. Last night I got a call from a McGuffin descendant (not my family), who is going to send me a lot of good stuff. Yesterday, I found out my great – grandfather’s middle name and that is something I have been looking for five years, and all kinds of tidbits from the library. I keep saying it, but it’s true – I am just extra-ordinarily lucky. I must be doing something right, and Lord knows it’s about time.

I cleaned the carpets while you bums were camping and having a good time. Dad helped me wash the windows over the Labor Day weekend, so let it snow.

Remember I told you to put your hard hat on when you ask for something because things just fall out of the sky. I know how you feel about the “learning” part of your business. Sometimes I just get to the point where I can’t bear the thought of learning one new thing. But look at it this way, we both know business IS taxes, so you need to know taxes, so you can help your clients plan their tax strategy. Anybody can fill out the form, but planning is Job #1.

Yes, Mom has moved to her own home. One day I realized she felt better than I did, so I suggested she try spending a night at her home, and see how it worked. I explained that I was wearing out and that if I got sick, she was in BIG trouble.

She was home in a flash, and life has become almost bearable again. She had one attack the other night, but took her Nitro pills, and then slept on the couch and was fine the next morning. I think she felt better knowing she could sleep over anytime she wanted. I believe that will be the pattern. She will always have periods of good, and then have attacks. She will never be healthy again, but she has started painting again so she has something to do, besides bellyache, that is.

We froze forty packs of beans and gave them away to S. and J., and finally just gave up. I told Dad to let them go and we would have a meal of dried beans.

The birds got all the cherries and are working away on the apples, and Dad is working on the grapes. I’ll probably not get a really ripe one, because he likes them sour, and won’t wait. Dad gathered and gave to P. a wash tub of zucchini squash, from across the street. She bakes bread and gives it for Xmas.

Well, other than medical and Genealogical news, I don’t know much.

Well, got to run and do books. As S. says, I don’t have a “Real Job,” so I have to do my “Unreal Job.”