“Looney Tunes” of a friend, and he isn’t wrapped too tight either.

(Notes from Alexis: All about friends, family and saga’s of life! Sad but true.)

 March 1, 1991

Dearest Lex,

Well, finally, finally, I have a day where I can sit down and write. Up until now I have been going at a full gallop, or sick, and not going at all.

I placed my ad in the ‘Genealogical Helper’ for December 15th and with it was just a lovely review of my “Tuttle” books, that I had already published. What I hadn’t realized, until I got the first order, was that everybody would misread both ads. In the advertising game, an ad that goes in a magazine has to be to them three months in advance. In September, I only had “Vol I” done, so that is what I sent, figuring I would send the others along as I got them finished.

I have reread the review and my ad, and it all seems ‘perfectly clear’ to me, that there are four volumes. However, people still seem to think there is only one, so I have had to hold their checks and write them asking for the name of their ancestor, so I can send the right volume.

The upside is that three people have ordered more than one volume. For some reason, Vol IV has been a slow seller, but I’ve had to reprint the other three volumes and will have to reprint Vol IV next week, I think. It’s fun to have the orders and the letters, but it caught me unaware, and I’m glad it has slowed down somewhat.

All along I have been toting and fetching for Dad, Grandma, and the dawg, as well as doing research on the “McGuffins” and working on “Henry Tuthill.” Which means, more letters, and lots of work.

But enough about me. How are you doing? Hope you are well and happy, and sipping tea in the tea house (greenhouse). We were able to have lunch in the sunroom Saturday, which was lovely.

So here is the latest soap opera: the trials and tribulations of J. You may recall that JS., who was living in the garage, and babysitting for J. & Je’s kids, got mad at her son Z. and beat him up.

OK, so J. made him leave and JS’s stepmother, came over and loaded up most of his stuff and put it in a mini-warehouse. About two weeks ago J. found a summons taped to the door of the house. It seemed that JS. was taking J. to court, saying he had taken his stuff.

So family and relatives all went up to the courthouse at the appointed time, but it wasn’t a judge, but a mediator. He was trying to get them to settle the thing without going to court, but JS. wouldn’t listen to it, so they set a date for the next week.

Now comes court day, and you need some background information. JS. suffered a stroke some years back, and one side (forget which) is nearly paralyzed. He doesn’t have good use of his hand or foot on that side, and doesn’t speak clearly. Add to this a long grungy beard and mustache and you get the picture. Plus, he tends to rave and rant unintelligibly, and wave his good hand about. We know that a lot of it is just frustration at not being able to make himself understood, but to others, he appears a wild man. Of course, he isn’t wrapped too tight either. The stroke did affect his brain, there is no doubt of that. He takes medication for the stroke, drinks, and takes dope, so all in all, he not only appears weird, he is weird.

J. thought they were going to small claims court, but it turned out to be circuit court. The judge said since they were there, they might just as well get it over with, and he would hear the case. JS got up and ranted and raved and flailed about, until finally the judge asked J. to explain it all. So he did. He said the cops had told him to get JS’s stuff moved out of there pronto after he beat up Z. He also told him to get a restraining order, which J. did. He told the judge about moving the stuff to the mini-warehouse.

Then he told how J. had taken JS. up to the house, and made him take all the odds and ends out, then he read off the list of things taken. JS. said he didn’t remember going up there and getting anything, but you better believe J. made a better witness than poor JS.

Well, the judge said he would ponder on it and send them a letter giving his decision. When J. got the letter, he called me – he had won. The judge said that it amounted to abandonment, and since J. was not JS’s landlord, he was entitled to keep anything left behind.

End of story? Of course not. There is never an end of looney tunes like JS. J. called Dad today, and said JS. had told his dad, that he was going to sue the judge, which gave us all some comic relief.

Well, guess I’ll stop for now, and write a couple of more letters for today’s mail. Oh, by the way, Dad said to tell you how pleased he was with the mystery series audio tapes. He is rationing them out, so he doesn’t hear them all at once. What a neat gift. You always come up with good ones.