Do you think I offended the paper-feeding gods?

(Notes from Alexis: Well, I’m back from a summer of “doing,” and ready to get back to posting letters. Here are Gwen’s thoughts from 1990, all about genealogy books, bread, and printers, and a wild and crazy dog.)

December 28, 1990

Dearest Lex,

Loved your card and stationery, You always have such good taste.

We were just sure you would have problems of one kind or another with your freezing weather. We had both bathtubs freeze up (drains) but Dad figured out how to thaw them out real quick and easy. Boy, it’s nice to have a handy handyman.

Our neighbors (P.B.’s) waterworks froze up, and Dad & L. got it about halfway thawed out, but she has such a Rube Goldberg setup that it is pitiful. I talked to her at the P.O., and she said the man (plumber?) came out and worked from 7 PM until 3 AM getting the pipes thawed out. Can you picture her bill!

I have had a super response to my Tuttle genealogy ad. So good, in fact, that I have to print up another set of books. I’m sure it can’t last, but it’s fun getting the letters and the money.

I have started working on Henry Puthill. Not exactly Vol 5, but out of the same source. So many of the people who have written, are from Henry or Shipwreck John, so I decided to go ahead and do them. It will mean more sales and make life easier for me.

The McGuffins have responded so well that I am really encouraged. One lady sent me a big envelope full of info – about 150 names. Altogether I have over 700 names now. Not a book yet, but a good start, and lots of clues for further research. Lots to keep me busy.

Speaking of busy, Mom is now working away on two projects. She is finishing up the third quilt of birds & flowers. I decided there was not enough to do another quilt, so got her interested in doing butterflies. These will be on pale blue blocks if I can find the sheets, What fun!

I made up my a recipe for raisin-nut bread, by combining two recipes, and had my first failure. I baked it in the “bakery,” and the center didn’t cook – just dough. I put the dough in muffin pans and baked it in the oven. It tasted super. I’ll try again, and this time bake it in a small bread pan. I dreamed the other night that someone had made this great bread and I just had to have the recipe. Think maybe I’ve got bread mania?

Well, you created a monster with that dog bone for Hanzi for Christmas. As soon as we got the box and saw the bone, we hid it down under everything else. He scratched and smelled of the box. By Xmas, he was growling at anyone who touched the box. When we gave him the bone, he turned into a lion. First he licked it all over, and if anyone even came in his direction, he growled. It was so funny, because he knew it wasn’t safe anywhere. He slept with it under his head or paws. He ate the last of it this morning. I don’t know what was in it, but it sure found his weak spot.

By the way, we love the flannel sheets. Dad said he never slept on anything but flannel sheets, until he was grown. So here is a one-upmanship. I got myself an electric mattress pad. Talk about luxury! My old bottom is always cold. Can’t warm up no matter what, and that pad is heaven! I have slept warm for the first time, ever. I have washed the new sheets, and they will go on the next time I change the sheets. It broke my heart to have to throw out all that lovely fuzz on the dryer screen, wouldn’t that make great paper?

I took the DeskJet printer into Micro Age, and they said it would be about $200 to fix it. It wouldn’t feed the paper through. So I said, “no thanks.” When I went in to pick it up, the young man who worked on it, carried it to the car for me and told me a secret. All I had to do was flip a wheel in there, and it would work fine, and it did. Those bums!

Meanwhile, my daisy wheel printer had broken. The platen knob just fell onto the desk, so the paper wouldn’t feed through it either. Do you think I offended the paper-feeding gods?
I ordered a Diconix printer, it is a nice printer, but in my anxiety I overlooked one vital point -it doesn’t have the same typeface, so of course, I can’t use it. You can see what a dither I was in to ignore something so important. If this printer is something you can use, I’ll loan it to you because, at this time and space. I can’t use it.

Well, got to quit, and go to work printing. Keep us posted as we love your letters.