Well, I wanted something for my old age, I just hadn’t reckoned it would be sewing 47 state birds & flower quilts

Notes from Alexis: Genealogy has taken over, she has worked her way through the Tuttle’s and now is moving into the McGuffin’s. But bread rises and the music plays on.

October 31, 1990

Dearest Lex,

Well Love, here 10/12ths of the year has gone by, and I swear I can’t imagine where it went. Well, actually, I can account for three weeks. I got the flu and was sick for two weeks, and have spent the last week trying to get back up to speed. It irritates me to have to give up three weeks of my wealth (I have always been rich in time) to no good purpose.

I finished Vol 4 of the “Tuttle’s,” all but the binding, and will get to it next week. I have started Vol 5, “Shipwreck John” Tuttle. He is not one of Dad’s “people” but decided to do him anyway.
I am also working on the “McGuffins,” Mom’s maiden name is McGuffin. I decided to do them because I have had no luck finding them. I put an ad in the “Genealogical Helper” and got a couple of nice letters. I also came up with some names to write to, and got the dearest letter from a Major Barry, 91 years old, who would put both of us to shame for his energy and exploits. He sent me a biographical sheet showing his life “doings,” and gracious, it made me feel like a slug.

Anyway, so far my research has shown me that I have been looking in all the wrong places, so I was smart to start this project. Also decided I better write a “How to Write a Surname Book” which I presume will be a booklet, not a book.

I did this to have a cheap item to put in the catalog, and to set out how I do, the thing I do. Believe me, I have to look in the “Guide” to do Datastar if I’m away from it for a while. Thank God I wrote that book, I would be sunk without it.

I am sitting here watching bread rise, and listening to Irish Harp music. It rained a little last night so the pines smell sweet, and I’m caught up enough with all my “must do’s,” to take a day off and write letters.

Mom is already half through painting the birds and flowers for the second quilt, and hinting that she doesn’t know what she’ll do when she’s through. I asked her if she wanted to do another one, and she said she wouldn’t mind, so I guess I’ll cut her out another 50 blocks one of these days. She gets better with each one. I can foresee having to open a shop to get rid of the overflow. Well, I wanted something for my old age, I just hadn’t reckoned it would be sewing forty-seven state birds & flower quilts. I am laughing. The whole thing amuses me no end. God, life is weird!

I saw the best play, “The Three Little Pigs” on Fairy Tale Theater. Unfortunately, I tuned in half an hour late, so couldn’t tape it. It was just the best, it was on PBS, so catch it if you can. I guess there were several others that I missed. I sure hope I get a chance to see them all. Dad & I watched, “You Can’t Take it With You” last night. I’ve seen it three or four times, and have it on tape, but I can’t resist it. We both tee-heed all the way through it.

Well, guess I better quit and get this ready for P.O. Thanks for the glue and material, and I am so pleased with the blouses you did for me.