What if there is no “Big!” What then?

Notes from Alexis: Book rejections, needing a new book to write, and showing the computer kids how to run their own programs.


Dearest Lex,

Then you will never guess who I saw working at the library. K.K. She is thin and pretty. She had her hair pulled up on her head and a little makeup. She laughed and talked just like real people. Just lovely.

Boy it burns me up how young you two look. Nobody would think either of you were a day older than 18. Too tiresome.

Also heard the bad news from QUE. I got a letter from them, but it was so strange. Something about rejecting my ‘Orchestral Forms Made Easy’ so I called the editor, she was so embarrassed that the secretary had mixed up the letters. And yes, they rejected mine, too. She said they didn’t think there was a big enough market.

I wasn’t surprised. She suggested I send it to the software people, MicroPro. So I did, I doubt that anything will come of it with them either, but I have a little list and several more names come immediately to mind.

It always discombobulates me when I get rejected, but that is the publishing game. I know that once I stumble onto the right publisher, I’ll be okay, and I just have to keep trying.

The hard part for me is that I don’t have a book going. I sit here twiddling my thumbs, and it drives me crazy.

After you guys had left, we had a three – bird fight, which was stunning in its ‘Ferosity,’ it even scared Dad. It really irked me that they refused to fight while you were here. I will take the feeders down this weekend so they will migrate.

I’m going into the computer store to get a new Mailmerge program, and I called S. and told her mine was not behaving itself. Immediately she assumed I didn’t know what I was talking about, but by the time we got through it was patently clear who knew, and who didn’t.

My problem is I am spoiled. I have been the ‘Expert’ for weaving and spinning for so long that I have become accustomed to having people take my word for something. I now have to educate these new folks on their own computers.

It tickled me that I knew more about the program than S., who teaches it. Then, too, I just found out (invented?) a quick trick to get the tabs set. The original way is a big pain, and you have to do a song and dance routine – twelve steps to be exact – to get the tabs set at 5 and 50, like I use for my writing. I found a two-step way, pretty slick, so I am going in and wow the kids.
I’m sure you can see my Cheshire grin all the way up there. I get so much fun out of little things. Everybody else is waiting for the BIG things——the big bang, the perfect score, the big laugh——and I just go along collecting little things. I end up with the most, in the long run, and have fun doing it too. I mean what if there is no BIG! What then?

Got to run, will write more later.