That sly turtle!

Lex new Home II

Notes from Alexis: Her first venture into “Printshop” and the mighty turtle. I remember learning all about the “turtle” back in those days as well. You younger folks may wonder what we are talking about!


Dearest Lex,

The photo is the lesson I used the “The Printshop” software on my computer. I found I’m a lot smarter with “smart software” than with programming.

I was the envy of all for this card, even though I didn’t know what I was doing from start to finish. The type is “Alexia” by the way.

I go for a free practice on Friday, and I am going to tackle “Logo” again. I will NOT be defeated by a turtle. This is the language they teach little kids. That turtle is sly!

Well, this has been a curious week, all told.

I sent the disk to the publisher. It contained the 18 chapters of the first half of the book, “GuideStar” with Glossary, Dedication, Introduction and seven appendices- 21,000 words. I know that because I counted them with my word counter. In about 10 minutes. If you understand that I hate counting words with a purple passion, then you will appreciate my satisfaction.

Well anyway, after I left yesterday, I went to Duffy’s (the grocery store) and saw P. R. and her daughter, who is a doll. We stood and talked for the longest time. She was hungry for adult talk I think. She wanted to know all about you and your house. So then she asked what I had been doing, and I told her about the computer and the “GuideStar” manual.

She was really interested and said she had some ideas about a book. She asked me all kinds of publishing questions, and finally I figured out she wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book. I asked her if she had ever considered illustrating someone else’s book, and she said she would love it.

The upshot is that I told her about “Goats Don’t Care” and she acted like she wanted to see it. I told her she should only consider it if she fell in love with the book. I don’t plan to become a children’s writer, and it is not important, to me at this point, whether I get it published or not.

She just seemed so excited that I got enthused, too. She is just starved to get back to her art. She hasn’t had a minute even to think about it since her baby was born. I’m sure you sympathize with her plight.

So all kinds of things happening here. I woke up yesterday knowing how to start the “ReportStar” section of the Guide, and actually wrote the first chapter, so all is excitement as I go into the nether regions of the Program. Don’t you think it is curious that we are all involved with computers? Dad’s shop will go total computer August 1st, and that may be a total disaster.

Well, we had sautéed fennel and fennel fern in our salad the other night. Quite tasty. Smells like anise, but tastes like fennel.

Well, writing calls to me. I have to make a small computer dictionary for my spell checker so it won’t keep bugging me with computer words. Then I have to make a form for the Index and try to get that going.

Loved the story about bird-spit soup, but frankly, I think I can find better ways to spend my two thousand, but interesting still.