Lord it’s a great life – if you don’t weaken!

Notes from Alexis: Funny dreams and out-smarting the mighty computer.

May 30,1985

Dearest Lex,

So glad to get your letter. I had high-centered with the “Guide,” and was walking around swearing horrible oaths. I decided to take a break and go to the post office. I’d made up my mind, that if there wasn’t a letter from you, someone would suffer a fate worse than death (one of my Mums hexes). Thank goodness your letter was there.

I should finish up the first draft of “Guide Through DataStar” today. I have decided it will be two manuals, not one. I have also written a publisher about it, and now here I sit in fear and trembling.

It has taken me exactly one month to write the first draft. Of course, I have gone at it tooth and toenail. I write all night long, and sleep a troubled sleep because of it.

I dreamed a funny dream about Dad. I dreamed I woke up one morning and here was a fuzzy gray pup in bed with us. Dad said its name was Tippy, and he had found it wandering around in the shopping center. I was not overjoyed, but I could hardly say anything considering all the pups I’ve brought home. The scene shifted and here was Dad, and you kids, in the front room of a house I’ve never seen before. You kids were all younger with M. about 11-12. Dad was showing you his collection of miniature glass animals. The place was full of those little glass things. Every color under the rainbow and every kind of critter. He had set up a piece of plywood on sawhorses across one end of the front room, and it was filled with his collection. My thought was,  “Who’s going to dust them?” And “You’ve gone too far, Donald!”

He was mightily amused when I told him about the dream, and said he didn’t think I had to worry about Tippy or the glass collection.

Speaking of dreams. I do believe I’ve come upon the solution of some dreams I’ve had through the years. You know the ones I mean, where I find a room I hadn’t known was there, and I’m so thrilled.

The obvious explanation is that whole new worlds are going to open up, etc. Well, it sounds great, but…. not quite right. Something happened yesterday that gave me a clue.

I was reading around in my ‘Profiles’ magazine, which is the Kaypro magazine, and found out I can actually poke around in the Wordstar program. Suddenly I had the same feeling of those dreams. I have always thought of the software programs as rooms one could enter.

I have this mental picture of opening a door and walking into a program, where I can go into the basement and look at the furnace and the pipes. What a thrill! I’m going to go in and fiddle with some of the wiring, so that when Wordstar comes on, it will be logged on the’ B drive’ instead of the ‘A drive’. It aggravates me that I always have to go through that step of changing from A to B, and I NEVER use ‘A’ for writing, except in emergencies -say when I have a disk-full situation on ‘B’.

Lord, it’s a great life if you don’t weaken, ain’t it?

Well, will close for now and write more later.