How we are ruled by the machines in our lives!

Notes from Alexis: I love the yearnings for pie (I personally love pie), the need to conquer the mighty computer, and cats that talk.


Dearest Lex

I had it all planned out to tell you this gruesome story about how foul the weather has been; you know the kind where we have to build a fire every day, the first week in June? Then we got up, and it is a bonny day, and we ate breakfast out on the porch. I’m delighted, but it ruined a good story.

Of course, there is a good story of the canoe. Dad has now trimmed the top edge and has started sanding inside. All I heard for the last year, and a half was; it was too long and too wide. Now he thinks it is perfect.

I’m sorry about your bad experience with the computer. It took me five lessons before I stopped shaking, but then I fell in love with it.

The story of D. is like some sort of horror play. I’m sure we would get up and walk out of a movie with such a plot, and declare it beyond belief! Whatever do you think the story is Karma—wise? Is she reachable, or is she bound on self-destruction at any price? I’m just sorry that our good thoughts aren’t getting through to her.

I have started back to genealogy meetings and plan to become an active member. I need all their knowledge and help. These people know so much about tracing ancestors. They are all a bunch of detectives. When I go back to Texas to get the information I need, I will have the credentials of the club behind me, and will be able to find kindred spirits in clubs out there.

The first draft of the ‘Guide’ is finished, and I have started rewriting the second. The first publisher turned me down, but being undaunted, I plan to send it off to another one, in a day or two. This one will accept disks, so I am going to be brave and send a chapter or two on a disk, just for the sheer pleasure of doing it.

As I say; I consider all this a learning process, and now I can understand why I couldn’t see the titles on the books, in my dreams. Would I have believed what I saw? Or even understood it?

The part that is so fascinating to me is that I am getting tremendous pleasure out of writing and rewriting the ‘Guide’. I have also sent for a computer book for you. It is by Peter McWilliams and is ‘Computers for the Disabled’ but don’t let the title throw you. It is a dear book. He is now on my list of heroes.

Speaking of heroes, here is another one: Marva Collins. She is a teacher in Chicago. Some years ago, 60 Minutes did a piece, and then there was a movie. I just read her book, “Marvin Collin’s Way” by Civia Tamarkin and Marva Collins. A delightful book, so try and get it through your library.

Yes, come at a moment’s notice and just remember that I am knee deep in dust and debris. But if you can stand it, so can I.

Dad ordered another load of wood, and went out four times that night to look at it. He is a wealthy man, no doubt about it.

He finally got so tired of the pain that he went to a doctor and found out he doesn’t have ulcers or any other dreaded disease. As a matter of fact, he is in good shape with one exception; he has high cholesterol, and was told to cut down his red meat to once a week (which he already had), and no butter or dairy products but skim milk (which he already had), and only four eggs a week (which he already had). So now what? I am fixing him alfalfa sprouts, and he takes lethicin, so I don’t know what else to do.

The nurse couldn’t believe his low blood pressure, and took it three times to be sure. It was like 130/80 which he thought was high; it has been about 120/70, but he decided ‘it’ was excited about going to the doctor. So now he is taking another kind of aspirin, because the doc says the aspirin was hurting his stomach, and he had to take Maalox because of it. So the pain in his stomach is gone, and the new aspirin is helping his knees. The doc says he will probably have to have his knees operated on one day. It seems all the Campbell’s have had, or will have to have, the operation. Those Campbell’s got some bad genes there.

The neighbor’s cat hauled her four babies over here, and Dad found them playing on the lawn. They are darling, but do we really need four cats? I love the mother cat. She talks up a storm. She has a large vocabulary and tells me everything. Unfortunately, I don’t speak feline, so I don’t know what she is saying, and she gets quite exasperated with me, and walks off in a huff sometimes, because of my ignorance.

Well, dear heart, hold the good thought, and try to come to terms with the computer, because it may be boring, but it beats the heck out of some of the other jobs you have had. Still, I suppose it beats hauling old people in vans. No? (My last job) ‘Detached’ is the state to reach for. After all, nobody else cares if school keeps or not, so why should you? Save your caring for the pottery.

I see by my line count that I have twenty more lines, but do I have 20 more lines of writing? How we are ruled by the machines in our lives!

Speaking of being ruled; I suddenly became obsessed with the need for lemon meringue pie and made one – from scratch, with fresh squeezed lemons and everything. Well, last night it was runny and more pudding than pie, but by today it has set up nice and firm. Where do these yearnings come from?