The computer has become a “Changing Force” in my life!

Notes from Alexis: She awoke with a new life plan, and as always with her, she fulfilled her plans and more.


Dear Lex,


I got up this morning with the future of my writing outlined in my mind. The fact that the direction I propose to take seems impossible shouldn’t deter me, or be allowed to influence my decision too much.

Along with the change of direction in my writing, has come the most serene feeling imaginable. I am going to write non-fiction. I’m really glad I wrote “EAB” and I think I’ll probably finish it, but from now on I am going to concentrate my time on nonfiction. I am the happiest there.

I enjoyed “Always Going” the most of any of my writing, with the possible exception of “Circumstance of Birth.” The short stories come next, and I see now it is because they are true, or as true as I can get them.

I started a “Guide Through Datastar/Reportstar” and have just loved it. Something as dry as a teaching manual for a software program has absolutely delighted me.

This morning I awoke knowing I wanted to write a biography of the town – Menard, Texas, to be exact. I have been thinking about the town ever since I got the maps of the area, and this morning I could see that was what I had been thinking about and wanting to do all along.

It seems ridiculous for me to be thinking of such a thing at my age, but there it is… I awoke, turned about in a new direction, and I will not be satisfied until I have done it. I will need to go to Texas for research and to see again the places I need to write about.

‘Preposterous’ is the word that first comes to mind, followed immediately by ‘inevitable’. The decision feels so right – and I feel so good about it. I had to laugh, because I believed this morning when I awoke that the ‘Guide’ would support me in my old age. How very curious.

I have the kind of feeling of ‘relief’ that one has after making any momentous decision. I’m so glad I wrote the fiction, and I may continue to write fiction, along (I don’t want to limit myself) but it will always be secondary for me. I had to do it to prove to myself that I could, but I don’t love it like nonfiction. (she went on to write 20 fiction books and over 20 Genealogical books)

The computer has been a ‘changing force’ in my life, beyond anything I could ever have imagined.