Freelance Expert!

Notes from Alexis: Love the letterhead! I have to laugh though, the woman actually believed she was an expert in most things. She even had a sweatshirt that said: “Expert!”


Consulting on Any Subject
I don’t tell fortunes, read palms, run the tarot,
Throw the I Ching, or figure astrological charts.

March 21, 1985

Dear Lex,

Well, what do you think of that as a letterhead? Pretty neat don’t you think? I am hoping somebody will ask me why I don’t do all of the above, so I can tell them that I think people should do those things for themselves.

I am typing this with my Wordstar program, and I am in a state of fear and trembling. I keep forgetting not to use the return, so when I type this I will probably have all kinds of interesting endings of lines. I figured out the centering okay, but I wasn’t able to set the tabs the right way, so I have to tinker around with them for the present. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to underline, but then I probably underline too much anyway. What the hey!

I guess I told you about the computer games, and that I was playing Catchum. This is a cat and mouse game, and you win – 10,000 points! So far I have made 4,000 at the lowest level possible, which is pretty low. Dad says it is just another kind of PacMan, but since I have never played any kind of game, on any kind of computer, it is all new to me. J. and Dad think it is so funny that I have become a computer freak. I give myself three games as a treat (remember the good old days when a treat was a bon-bon), but then I cheat and play another one and another one, until I am tired.

I have a feeling that you will probably be getting a lot of letters because I have to go through my lessons, and I am loath to use their rinky-dink material. You know me; I like to do my own writing. Now I am going to SAVE AND THEN PRINT.

Well, you see what happened with my margins. I have a lot to learn about margins; I can see that. Also now the next section will be with justification and maybe I can even figure out UNDERLINING, because as we can see I have CAPS okay. I am really having a lot of fun as YOU can see.

You asked me about my work, and I presume you meant the book ‘NONAME’. At this point, I have several chapters in longhand and several chapters in my head. I have been waking up every morning with a new chapter, but I wanted to wait until I could get my head a little clearer with this Word Star, before I set out on such a journey as typing up a chapter.

When I told J. about your horrors at plastering sheetrock, he really laughed. He used to do that, remember? And then he worked for a while, cleaning up after the other plasterers, so he knew just what you were going through.

We had the most gorgeous weather you could ever imagine for two days and then it clouded up and has been so cold, and even sleeted some last night. I have had to have a really hot fire going just to keep from freezing to death today.

Well, I am going to stop now. Look at this paper. Isn’t this just too awful. What happened is that Dad got it from the shop. They keep buying all these Mickey Mouse computers that don’t work, and they have to get another one. The last one used this paper, and Dad couldn’t bear to throw it out, so he brought it home. I am using it on a yarn holder he made me some time ago, and it works pretty well. I guess I will have to get a tractor feed printer, though, as it seems the most sensible thing to do.