Needing a popcorn break just to tackle the new Kaypro 2x computer!

Notes from Alexis: I laugh about the Kaypro computer being so wonderful, I suspect nobody probably even knows what a Kaypro is. Today we don’t even get manuals, imagine a shelf a foot long of books, just to read and learn. We truly are spoiled these days –touch and go.

3/16/8 5

Dear Lex,

Well, I am writing on my (our) brand new Kaypro 2x computer. I got it on Thursday. I brought it home and horsed it into the house, and then opened your letter, and read two or three times, where you asked when we would be getting the computer. I was so out of orbit that I could hardly see. It was a scary thing; I’m telling you!

Now I am using a program called ‘Typeit’ which turns the computer into a typewriter. I have been too timid to try the word processor yet, but Sabana (the woman who helped me at the computer store) tells me that I will never use this ‘Typeit’ once I have tried the word processor. I wish I had been able to wire my head to the household appliances this past month. I am sure I would have been able to turn off the Pacific Power source, and would have been able to generate my ‘Own’ power source for the town.

Now this program doesn’t allow me to double space, so I have to hit the return key twice at the end of every line. I got tired of hitting return twice as you can see. So anyway, let me tell you about how I lucked out with this computer. First and foremost because I waited a month, I ended up with about twice the computer I had been looking at. They combined the Kaypro 2 and the Kaypro 4 and made the Kaypro 2X. This gives me twice as much storage on each disk, AND I got an internal modem, and On-Line software. This was something I wanted, but did not want to invest the $500 that it would cost. Then we ended up getting some games and I don’t know what all.

I am going to take a break and eat some popcorn, which Dad just popped.

Well, I am back now and fortified for the next part. First off I had some problems when I finally got in here and started working. I am sure Sahana told me, but my god, I didn’t get it, but I started through the manuals (I have about a foot on the shelf filled with books). These books are filled with a wealth of information that any computer whiz at MIT would understand without any problem at all. I, on the other hand, with a Geiger counter in hand was able to glean enough to figure out what I needed to do to start. Whew! Of course, it would probably seem like child’s play to anyone else, and maybe even me, in ten or twenty years.

I will try to write about something else besides computers.

The weather was lovely for the last two or three days. And as you might suppose Dad has been having trouble with his legs yesterday and today. His muscles are hurting so badly he can hardly stand it, but he says a rest helps. I really think that he has a pinched nerve or a pulled ligament or something like that. He says though that if he didn’t feel so bad he would feel good. Don’t you love it!
I have just fallen in love with the book I am writing (eight chapters – Phase I). I hope that I will be able to get this computer tamed enough, to be able to get back to the book in the very near future. Still no name for it. Guess I will call it NO NAME for the computer files. The computer doesn’t understand throwing it all in a manila folder or the yellow binder. It wants a name.

Dad put up another feeder with suet for the birds, but it swings in the air. This disturbs a lot of the birds. The ones that are used to swinging like blackbirds and house finches are okay, but it drives the others wild. One of the blue jays solved the problem by keeping one foot on the limb and holding the feeder steady with the other. Pretty smart I thought. The others just sit out there and fuss.

Well, I am going to quit for now and go to the post office. Our chives are up at the front of the house, and out in the greenhouse we have lettuce and spinach and elephant garlic coming up. We also have a ton of elephant garlic to plant. It is sprouting the sack in the pump house.

I feel confident enough about the computer to say that I am willing to sell the Blue Rose (typewriter). I still have the typewriter that I loaned J. It is a portable electric, and I and that typewriter are not the best of friends, but I could use it in an emergency.