Giving yourself a year or two to learn the computer (Ah! the Good Ole Days)

Notes from Alexis: She is taking her first computer class and loving it! Funny to think about learning to type on a computer and not a typewriter. We all take this for granted.
Dear Lex,
I am writing this in class, and as soon as I finish, I will print it and mail it to you. I just made a mistake because (Iii) hit the return key, and I should not have done that.
This is one of the things that I will have to learn or rather un-learn, and that is I no longer use the ‘return key’. It is so weird, and I love it. Imagine, just type along and never worry about being at the end of the line. Virginia has been helping me, so now instead of having one mistake I have two (see the small i beside the large I). Virginia helped again, and now I have three ‘eyes’. She said she was not responsible for any of the ‘i-s’ except the first one. We have laughed until I have lost my place. I didn’t know I was going to have so much fun at computers, and thanks to Virginia it has been fun.
Virginia is getting very impatient with me and wants me to print this because I told her she could have a copy.
Love, Mom

(Then she hand wrote this note to me.)
The lady in front of me wanted some help, so I made Virginia use the computer, while I helped the other lady, and then I was embarrassed. I apologized to Jeff (the instructor). I said, “20 minutes of working on the computer and I’m teaching.” He said, “I love it!” Then the little girl S. who is helping him, asked me to help her, with another student, so I did. I just took to it like I did to weaving, much to my relief. Programming is something else again. I told Dad I was going to give me a year to learn it, and I believe that is about right. There always seems to be something else the computer can do.
Love again,