Tempting yourself with lunches and Bon-bons, to get with the writing

Notes from Alexis: The great learning curve of ‘computers’! Plus loving the endless amount of books streaming into her thoughts!


Dearest Lex,

I’m so glad about you being ‘in’ your new house. All I could think of was the wonderful light in it. We really take our light for granted. It is only when I visit less fortunate folks who don’t have any light, that I realize once again what true wealth is. Not that I wouldn’t like to have some ‘pelf’ (wealth – especially if obtained dishonestly), too.
Well, this has been such a busy week that I hardly know where I am. Computer – Mon, Wed, Fri. I had to go to town Tuesday to buy a floppy disk, and Dad and I went to town Saturday. Five trips in one week! I feel I deserve a medal, for what you do every week.
I had done a dab of programming with LOGO (darned turtle) and wanted to see if I had saved it on my floppy disk right, and I wanted to show Dad my great accomplishment. It wouldn’t ‘BOX’, but I can hardly complain; it told me it didn’t know how to ‘BOX’.
I may have overstepped myself, though, because now he is nagging me to get the computer because he wants to put his garden info in it. This from a man who won’t put the info in the little red book. You know, and I know, who is going to put what, where. After all, I’ll be so good at it, right?
We came home, and I rearranged ‘Studio I’ to get ready for the new computer addition, and it turned out so nice, I couldn’t believe it. I stood in both Studio I and Studio II and dithered, and then when I plunged in, it was perfect.
I also went to ‘Friends of Library’ book sale, and got all Dad, and I could carry for $1.25; then got home and had a bill from the lawyer for $125. My lucky day I guess. Something symbolic about the number no doubt. So far my romp into publishing is;

Sold “Goats Don’t Care”              $ 15.00
Paid lawyer to get back ‘above’  $125.00
Column ‘About Books’                 $00.00
NET LOSS                                      $110.00

Now about syndication. Dad assured me you would be relieved, and I wrote you blithely certain of that, so am sorry you are disappointed. Tell S. I paid $700 for the Blue Rose (typewriter), and see if he is interested. Later this week I expect to make the decision about the computer, but will no doubt get it, and then I will begin to see about selling the IBM. (I just panicked!). (I had this all sealed up and ready to go, but I don’t know if I can let the typewriter go, or not. Let us hesitate on this one until I’m sure.)
Dad’s birthday card arrived (due 2¢, which I am adding to your account), and I’m sorry I didn’t mention it. I’m also sorry to have to tell you I forgot all about the boat oar until I was cleaning out Studio I and found it. He was so thrilled with it, and didn’t mind it being late.
Let me tell you a good story. This is from the ‘Medicine Woman’ files. Dad has been complaining about his stomach hurting. Finally, he said he had compared his symptoms with others and was convinced it was ulcers, and he was in such pain that he guessed he would have to go to the doctor.
I said, “Will you try Bert’s remedy first?” He agreed, so I started in. Bert’s remedy is cabbage juice. He said he cured his ulcers with it in a month after his doctor said he would have to operate. I started Dad on a wine glass full every night, and after five nights he said he had no pain. He said it was the first day in six weeks he had been free of pain. Isn’t that great!
I have a question. How many books can I start writing, and then tell you about, before you lose your place and your interest? Frankly, I don’t count. Every morning I get up and work on whichever one wants to be worked on. So now a new one. The funny part is I’ve been thinking about this one for years, probably as long as ‘EAB’, and then I could just see it, and started to work on it. I have been doing a lot of ‘analyzing’ of my writing, and realized I use a lot of ‘plot’, because I feel a bit insecure about being able to interest the reader with just the writing.
This new one has less ‘plot’. (A little less, I kinda like ‘plot’). To me everything and anybody, is ‘plot’. The characters in this new one are interesting, and I’m enjoying them.
Still, it is Phase I of writing and I have to keep lashing myself to the wheel, and tempting myself with lunches and bon bons, just to go in and do it. This is so I can get to Phase II and III of writing, which I love.
All day we have furious little snow storms, and then it clears up and shines, only to do it again. It’s all a lot of nonsense, because it melts almost as fast as it falls. The birds came back yesterday, and probably wonder why.
Thanks for the Bombeck books. Cheered me up, and since this is a ‘three-sorry’ letter, I needed them. Well, I have run out of steam, and have to get his juice made, and get ready to go to computer class (word processing tonight). Will write more later.