“Poco Kitty” could give better advice!

Notes from Alexis: Well syndication is “done” and she is back to books, with clearer thinking.


Dearest Lex,

Well, this is a letter I am finding difficult to write. It is hard for me to admit I was (am) wrong, but now is ‘confessing time’. I have been wrong about the newspaper column, and therefore the business idea.

A curious thing happened on the way to syndication – J. didn’t print one column. A small thing you might think, but large beyond imagining, in other ways. You see what happened was I got mad because he didn’t tell me, when I should have gotten mad because he didn’t print.

This set me to thinking, and finally I got it. I have walked all around it, and now I see that the column didn’t matter. I could write it or not, and I didn’t care. This bothered me exceedingly. I should have cared. Why am I writing something that doesn’t matter? Good question, and no ready answer.

One thing that popped right up in front of me was that while I wrote the column, I was distracted from the other writing. Perhaps I needed distracting, because the book was not going well. Actually the column has been a ‘Turning Point’ thing. There is no doubt that I will look back and see that when I wrote the column, I had set my foot on a different road, but that road is labelled ‘Books’ and not ‘About Books’. Remember, I did not see a stack of newspapers in my dream, but a stack of books.

I have 13 columns ahead and will give these to J., and I’ll go ahead with copyright procedures, which is good for practice, but then I’m through. I hope this will not disappoint you too much, but in any case my decision is final. When I reach the last 4 columns, I will write J. a letter and sever our arrangement. He did me a great favor by publishing the column, and then a greater one by not publishing. He is one of those people that come into our lives to do us favors; while not being part of our lives, in any manner. Curious, yes?

In a lighter vein, I got the “How To Syndicate Your Own Newspaper Column” and if you had listened, you could have heard me yelling across the state of Oregon, I was so furious! I sat right down and wrote them a letter. There was nothing in that newspaper column that ‘Poco kitty’ couldn’t have told me.

Well, will stop for now. Loved your letter, and the hope for a job. Does this mean you can quit driving the old folks?

I wish we lived close enough so Dad could help you. He is driving me nuts, he sits and stares at me, wanting me to find something for him to do.