“I am a magnet, things come to me!”

Notes from Alexis: Doors are opening, dreams are coming, and stories are filling up her life quicker than she can keep up with.


Dearest Lex,

Now we have ourselves a puzzle. How did you know I planned to syndicate a column? I didn’t write you and I didn’t tell you did I? So how did you know?

The thing is I have had an ulterior motive right from the very first with this column. I always planned to form some kind of business arrangement with you to do a self-promoted syndication. There are untold numbers of small papers out there who can only afford $5.00 for a column, and need them badly to stop all that white space. Don’t overlook big papers either.

I can see a partnership like we had at the gallery. Split the money 50/50 and each of us pay our own expenses. It seemed to me a great way to optimize our talents. I was going to approach you first and see if you thought you would be interested in peddling the column, and here you write me and tell me you had the same idea.

On the walk to the P.O. I had a thought, “I am a magnet. I have to sit and wait for everything. I can’t run after it.” And here comes your letter. Think about it, and if you feel it is right then let me know. By then I should have heard from the lawyers and know how to proceed.

Yes, the column will be in all three papers here in town and I now have 16 rough drafts ready, you know me, a dedicated over achiever.

You will also be pleased about something else I came up with last night, I suddenly knew what to do about “Webs.” First, I have to change the name, I hate that name. I am working on “Five for the Money” until further notice, and second, I had the motive for the book clear in my mind for the first time. All my books have a motive as opposed to a moral. I can’t just meander around the landscape without a clear cut motive.

Low and behold the motive came this morning and I was pitched headlong into Phase II, maybe all the way over into Phase III in the writing. Not only did this make me fall in love with the book, but it explained something to me about my own life and opened another  door. I love those doors. Remember those dreams I used to have where I would open a door onto something absolutely wonderful? This was one of them.

Dad read “Circumstance of Birth” and was so thrilled I couldn’t believe it. He kept telling me how much he liked it. After I wrote it, I had to laugh because I think it is one of those stories that wouldn’t qualify for fiction – not enough reality to it, not believable enough. Dare I say stranger than fiction?

Isn’t it curious that I suddenly turned into a writing machine?

I have been dreaming words at night and finally I told the dream guys; “Hey, listen, the words I got, the pictures I don’t get. You provide the pictures and I’ll provide the words.” Now I am back to the pictures again and all is right with the world.

The oar for Dad’s boat is a lovely thought. He will be so thrilled. I’ll be so glad when he can work on the boat again. He faunches around here and drives me crazy, and then tries to make me feel guilty that I didn’t help him get the other side finished. No luck however. I’m a ‘no gotta, no guilt’ kind of girl.

Well, this is just a quick note so you can mull over the syndication thoughts and let me know.

P.S. Merry Xmas, and take pictures if you are in your new house. If not, kiss the cats for me.