Putting one’s “book babies” out into the cold cruel world.

(Notes from Alexis: A vision of her books to come. We believed in “envisioning” our future and our lives, and she actually brought them all to real life!)


Dear Lex,

So you are hanging doors in your new house. Long and boring, indeed! Don’t you realize that the meaning of home is doors? That’s why people moved out of caves as soon as they invented hides and could build teepees and doors. Home is where the door is.

I just finished reading Richard Bach’s new book “The Bridge Across Forever”. An absolute must read, and a favor you can do yourself. I’ll have to tell you about my experiences. I thought, “Of course. That’s what I haven’t been doing. I haven’t been closing my eyes and picturing the books as published books. So I did and there they were: “EAB” with the cover and everything, and then “Always Going,” and I could see it looking plain and drab and I hated the cover, and then another one turned so I couldn’t read the title, and then a rain of books fell down onto the coffee table.

I was absolutely overwhelmed. Then I thought, “Oh, I see these are all copies of one book,” but no, they were the books I would write, piled high on either side of me – twenty or more and I was just non-plussed to say the least. Another thing was that I wasn’t all that thrilled. Then I understood. All my book babies out in the cold cruel world, instead of safe here with mama. Well it’s too late now. Once seen, once known, it is as well as done, and I am adjusting, slowly. (she actually did go on to write 20 fictional books)

About 3:00a.m. the next morning, after the above thoughts, I awoke and thought, “I have to call D.L. and have him make wills for us, and I have to write a story about my birth.” I turned over and went back to sleep, but I remembered it all vividly when I awoke. So I did them both. D.L. is a neighbor of ours and a lawyer.

I had enough smarts to also ask him about literary properties and what do you know? He knows some good literary lawyers up in Portland and he is going to call them and ask them the questions I wanted answers to. Now whenever I need answers I know who to ask.

I just heaved a great sigh of relief when we got our wills made. I have been planning to do so for a long time but never got around to it. I’ll feel better once I get all the literary things tied up, too.

The birth story? It is called “Circumstance of Birth” and runs about 10,000 words, and will make a nice addition to “Bits and Pieces.” (I have not found this story, but am looking) No, no it is not for “Always Going.” The tone is entirely different. I will send you a copy when I get it typed.

The other night I had a headache and as clear as anything I heard. “You don’t ever have to have another headache,” then it faded out like a bad radio reception and there I hung. HOW? HOW? I wanted to shout but no answer cometh. I got to thinking about “picturing” no headaches, and decided to try that. I see a crystal glass head – (trying to picture a head without a headache is not easy) so I decided on a clear crystal head. I can see it plainly and it is easy to call up. It will be interesting to see if I can make it work. I sure am sick of headaches.
I think that’s about it. Today is a picture postcard day——snow on trees and frozen white. Cold! What is cold? We just have our usual Klamath weather – changes every hour.

It would be so lovely to have a long quiet visit with you and hope you can work it out. I went into hibernation the day after Thanksgiving as per usual. Just think of me as a door-mouse. I lie on my back with all four feet in the air, tail wrapped snugly around me, sleeping soundly.

“Columns” (in the newspaper) will start soon, today will be the third one for me to publish. I am six ahead now and more coming along as needed. I got my first fan letter – P. wrote on her Xmas card how much she liked my column. I found out what fame is after the first one, because when I went to the library, B.E. the Librarian, took me around and introduced me to several of the ladies as “Our Author.” I can’t remember when I was so shocked. I kept looking around to see who she could mean. The columns are lots of fun to write, but not a necessity I can see.

So will close for now.