Some People Have All the Luck!

Notes from Alexis: A life full of gardening, weaving, and writing. All her joys –with a touch of humor.


Dearest Lex,

So sad to hear you aren’t coming down. Sadder still, I didn’t get your letter until after I cleaned the stove. Oh well, I planned to do it in a year or two anyway, and an interesting thing developed. I found out the inside of the oven is gray (with some black specks) which was a little shocking as I thought it was all black. Now I have a dilemma – do I not bake until you come down or what?

Dad laughed about your three gray hairs. Which made me remember that the C’s all, went gray early, Which reminded me that they, the C’s, are having their reunion up at D’s -just brothers and sisters and spouses, minus one (me). I think they can’t stand me, but when S. found I wasn’t going, it began to enter her mind that maybe I can’t stand them either, and of course she couldn’t bear that. So now she has begun to try to force me to go. Don’t you love it? The thing that always amazes me is how many people try to force me to do things. I’m a challenge I suppose.

Your raspberries and beans are out in the freezer waiting patiently. I got so sick of freezing beans that I gave the last picking to S. and she got nine quarts. But they are all gone now. Dad did all the picking and he was ready to pull the vines a long time before I was ready to quit. I am going to freeze you some z squash. I have the greatest pancake recipes and of course you can use them for bread, too. This has got to be the best Z we have ever had.

Well, I am typing up Part II – Bainbridge of “EAB” and have one chapter to rewrite, then I’ll be two thirds through. I have to rewrite Wellman – Part III and then it’s finished. I was telling Dad all the reasons why I wasn’t going to do “Webs” right now and he said he thought I should anyway even if I don’t want it published. He said as long as I’m thinking of it, I should write it, because later on I won’t be thinking of it, and besides I don’t have anything else so clear in my mind. It hangs there before my eyes, so I guess I better put it down on paper.

I got brave and wrote Mary MacCracken. I am having so much fun writing to my heroes.

I finished your material and washed it and it turned out to be 20½” wide by 13-2/3 yards long. I was shocked at how much it shrank in width and how little in length. Well, such is life. It is lovely and soft so maybe you can cozy it together and do something with it. I’m beginning to be glad we gave you some money for your wedding present, as more and more the yardage seems less and less.

I have put one last and final (I think) piece on the loom. I really meant it when I said either/or, for writing, but who knows maybe you are right and I will do other things. I intend to peg away and finish all my started projects at any rate. I hate to leave things undone.

I am glad you got some jobs lined up, as I know you won’t relax until you do, you always worry about money. But, just remember there isn’t anyone as rich as someone with 100 lbs of grout (especially a potter). I felt envy well up at the thought.
Some people have all the luck.

Will close for now, and come down when you can.