The Dilemma: Do “Anything and Everything” or Write!

Notes from Alexis: Loving writing so much it is time to lighten the ship and dump ballast.
Dearest Lex,

Well, the mad gardener has struck again. I thought to outwit him by cutting the garden by 1/3 but I was the one out foxed. He planted the same amount of seeds just in a smaller plot and the seeds loved it, so we are getting quadruple produce.

I just have one more yard on your material and will finish it up this weekend. I hope you are laughing, one of us should. No I’m teasing, and now getting excited about getting it off the loom and washed.

Just finished Tom Helms ‘Against All Odds’. He is now on my list, a must read!

Well, I have another bulletin about Gwen. I always thought I could do anything and I have spent the last 50 years proving it, and now I find I can do “anything”, or I can write. I can do one or the other but not both. Well, of course, I want to write. I am having so much fun and it is Plan B in my life plan, and with maybe a modicum of talent but dang it, I am struggling about “anything.” It has been fun doing all these things and I have developed habits and addictions and now I’m having to lighten the ship, off-load, dump ballast.

What trauma! No one told me it would be either/or. I wanted to do both, of course! I know and you know, I can always pick them up again if writing runs off and leaves me for a 30-year-old blond who is cute as a button.

And in a way it is a marvelous thing to clean house, even mental housecleaning is fun. It is so nice to get rid of junk (at least in the brain).

I am going looking today for some foam pads for your little bed, so you don’t have to suffer the floor. And I plan to vacuum the floor before you come. My God is there no end to a mother’s sacrifices?

Got to run, so will close for now and send lots of love,