Can’t remember when I have had so much fun!

Notes from Alexis: Two books ready for press(almost) and many more to come.

Dearest Lex,

I have finished “Always Going!”

I have now gotten first two parts of EAB and need one or two more chapters for Part III and then will start rewriting. Keeping away from it for six months has helped. I just fell back into it, at home so to speak with it, with all the characters and the story.

Another author I remembered and have been rereading is Edmund G. Love. He is so good. Start with ‘Subways are for Sleeping’ if you can, but any of his books are good. Got Cousins’ books again and will reread them all. I remember really liking his books.

Per usual, I have started to worry about what to write after EAB. I just hate not having a book cooking in the works. And yes, I know I said I had some ideas, but until I actually get involved, I don’t feel right. I have become addicted to writing. Can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun. I enjoy the whole routine – from wedging to unloading the kiln (a little potter humor there).

I seem to be able to move on two books at once. I write on EAB in morning and then type on Always Going in afternoon, and it is fine. No problem jumping back and forth because I am just a ‘type-er’ on the typewriter and not a writer. What I need are some boxes for all my manuscripts, and future ones to come.(Positive thinking)

I am going in to copy another 50 pages of Always Going. Any more than that and I and the machine get tired. Will close for now and write more later.