I’m not too fat, I’m just too short!

Notes from Alexis: Ladies, I do believe she has found the most efficient way to get to the proper weight/height ratio.


Dearest Lex,

You will be happy to know that I have found a source for my pens – Active Office here in town, so that is one burden lifted from you and a vast relief to me. I love those pens so, and I hate to think I couldn’t get one when I want it.

I have now learned the manual alphabet for signing and though I am slow and awkward, I can do it. I am now hot on the trail of a deaf person to teach me signing.

Progress on writing: Have finished first draft of my memoirs called “Always Going” aka Travels. I am in fact writing it up in its ‘nice’ state ready for sale. However, I want to sell the novel first, “EAB” had been giving me fits and some of it was your fault. You didn’t like Anna wandering around sightseeing and I was having trouble knowing what to do with her for six weeks and then I woke up the other morning and it there it was. Have now written two new chapters for middle and I feel better about it.

I seem to be having trouble losing weight. Since I’m not willing to diet or exercise I have now decided that I’m not too fat, I’m just too short! So I’m going to get Dad to build me a stretching machine, a rack, let’s say. A mere increase of three inches in height would make all the difference in my weight/height ratio. (A perfect solution and one that needs promoting)

Well anyway, back to writing, enough of such foolishness. I have about 28,000 words in the form of short essays that will someday go in the book ‘Bits and Pieces’ and just this morning I thought of another one. This one is titled ‘Time’ and not bad. So now I have nearly 2½ books written. I have been writing, re-writing and typing every day and have been enjoying it very much. The rewriting is the crucial part and I like it too. It takes the pain out of the back of my neck, relieves the tension at the back of my mind.

I always feel a little uneasy about my writing until it has been rewritten, and even sometimes when a piece is finished I still feel uneasy. You know the feeling. You’ve looked at many of your pots with the same look. But what is one to do? Finished is finished. You might say, “Yes, but you could still change words and I can’t change firing.” Not true. Someone else might be able to change, but I cannot. Finished is finished.

Onward – Dad bought a truck load of logs and had them piled on Lot 1. God, there is a mountain of wood – $525 for the load. We borrowed the money from Visa. There should be 14 or 15 cords which brings the price down to about $35 a cord which is a manageable amount, a tolerable level. Besides which he won’t have to spend all his time driving, falling and loading the pickup. He might even get some help from the old lady, who knows! He can just go out and whack up enough for the year. He figures we have four years’ worth at least.

I have had a strange series of thoughts and I will entertain you with them. First I had the idea of taping “Always Going” as an audio book for some strange reason. Can’t imagine where this idea came from. Ah well, then I remembered the tapes I made for the library and went down and checked them out to listen to them again. That must have been about seven or eight years ago that I made them. There is good news and bad news. They are both good and bad at the same time. I mispronounce words and talk too fast and make noises and other crimes, but the material is so good that I found myself making allowances for the human condition of the reader (me) just for the enjoyment of the story.

I’m considering making copies of the tapes for myself. I don’t think I’m up to rereading them from scratch as new tapes. Don’t have the time, or inclination, or desire, or whatever I suppose. Still I sort of want a copy. Is this vanity? A strange thing don’t you think?

Will close for now and eat breakfast and write up “Time” for Bits and Pieces as I want to get it down before I forget it.