If we could turn back time – would we?

Notes from Alexis: “Always Going” becomes a ‘thought’ in her world of writing. Eventually becoming a great published book.


Dearest Lex

Well I finished the first draft of ‘Travels’(Always Going) and started the first rewrite and came up with two more chapters. When I first started ‘Travels’ I was envisioning short stories, so some of the early chapters are rather slim, I was just not able to do much with them. They were finished, it just seemed easier to add chapters. This makes twenty-two so far and over 50,000 words.

I was thinking about writing an autobiography – carping a little to myself about how it is not all that creative. After all the places, people and dialogues are there, it might be like a paint by number kit. About the only choice is to add color. Still it is a grand way to learn to write.A funny unexpected development is that I found I hated to be through with it. I have enjoyed visiting again with all those people and places. I have zilch desire to actually visit them again, but going back in my memory was fun.

I think I am always going to hate to finish a book. I feel the same about EAB. I got the neatest idea for a book up at your place as I told you, but have put it aside until I am through with Travels and EAB, as it is so complicated – plot and people. It will hold.

Have you read “Buying the Night Flight by Georgie Anne Geyer? So good!
Also I wrote a neat story “The Creative Vacation” which you will enjoy, I think.

You won’t believe it but we had to have a fire last Thursday morning and I wore long johns to the dentist (ate a filling), and by the time I got home it was so hot I almost expired. It has been hot – hot every day since. It has become Summer with a vengeance.

I was just thinking about you saying how I should wait until things are cosmically right, and realized that you are tuning in to your own gang of cosmic helpers. You might have circled all around the state of Oregon before you landed, but you were attuned enough to know where to land. This pleases me a great deal. I’m glad you don’t have to look to anyone else for your direction. All you have to do is listen.

Well, all of a sudden I am just beat so will read for a while. I was struck so by a thought. Here I have been faunching around about ageing, and since you are 30 and 30 is a nice age, what about if I was 30 again? Thirty wasn’t my best year by any means and I wasn’t writing, and you were nine. If I had my choice – would I be 30 again and not writing, or 51 and writing? Would you let me go back and you be nine again? We know there are a lot of ways (fifty one – I think) we could have turned the wrong way along our paths. We might turn “wronger” next time, eh! It’s just too chancy for me, so I’ll stick with 51 and writing. I’m so happy writing! God I love it!

I have started learning the manual alphabet for ‘signing’ – and am doing pretty well. I’m through the R’s today. I work in front of the mirror so I can learn to receive as well as send.

I’m really really stopping now.

Love, Mom