Not a good “Nagee”

Notes from Alexis: Some funny lines in this one about writing and not writing. Good for a laugh.

Dearest Lex,

I am sitting here listening to Zamfir. I have spent the last month researching all the books about cryptology and just today decided I now know more about it than I want to know. I haven’t lost interest in Decipher, but the art or the field, or whatever, is not my bailiwick and I have decided to jump ship on research. I will however, not abandon Decipher. In fact I really feel that I am getting a grasp of the thing; working on the man’s mind. I have gone down some mighty strange byways and I think they must have been trod by him too, but abandoned for the same reasons I did. Just today I noticed a strange thing about it but it is so complicated that I have to show you as it doesn’t make good reading.

It gives me prickles down my spine to realize that folks like David Kahn are out there THINKING about Decipher. We’re walking with some heavy brains here – I mean aces, top men in the field. This is a fun thing for us to do and audacious.

A couple of notes about Dad; I was telling him how I love ballet and someday I would like to see one in Boston or New York and he said, “You aim too high.” I was dumbfounded and indignant.Then, later, I told him he should nag me to write and he said, “The trouble is you don’t make a good ‘nagee’ especially when I am the ‘nagor’.” I had to laugh and agree. I definitely don’t make a good ‘nagee’. Never have, never will.

We had breakfast on the porch and the day was so lovely I cleaned some windows, but now it is clouding up and the wind has come up. I suppose that was spring.

I have fallen in love with Richard Selzer (surgeon-writer) and he may very well be the impetus I need to get writing. I’m ashamed of myself for committing the worst sins of all-‘sloth and apathy.’ Here the man is a surgeon and teacher and writes four books in the past ten years.

I was so embarrassed I went right in and started rewriting EAB. I have the first four chapters in their next-to-last state. (Everything is in a next-to-last state until actually published- – just a little joke.) I am happy with them or if not happy, then satisfied, and if not satisfied, then through. One thing I learned from weaving was to know when a thing is through.

I threw WEBS down in disgust the other day just seconds before I drove the pen through my brain, or went out and O.D. on chocolate. And there waiting for me was EAB. Why do I have to work on several things at once?

I guess the C’s are going to have a brothers-sisters only reunion. Dad has lured me into thinking about going by bribing me with a trip to Portland. I have moved the location of one part of WEBS to Portland instead of Chicago. I am going to write about places I have actually been to, and concentrate on people I don’t know anything about – criminals and surgeons. Don’t you love it? Anyway I need to walk around that section – old-town – where we got a snack at the health food store. He says he’s wild to take a day or two off and take me there if I will go to the reunion. Sounds like a’wot of jolly good fun!

Well, I guess I’ve run out of steam, didn’t have much to begin with.

Love, Mom


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  1. solopress11 says:

    Well absolutely wonderful! What a lovely thought. I am new to blogging and am trying to find out how it all works, so ‘Thank you’ for reading and enjoying!
    Alexis Campbell Jansky
    Solopress II

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on my face hope this does the same for you,
    we have nominated you for the Light house award, the link is:

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