Finding a new hobby!

Notes from Alexis: She may have found a new hobby. This one is actually funny!

Dearest Lex,

Happy Valentine’s day

Would have written before but this has been a bad week. Funny how you immediately suspect something physical about me when I bitch, don’t you? I always expect something emotional from you. Now if we could get your physical strength and my emotional strength together all we would need would be a brain.

Wednesday I hurt my back putting my clothes on to go to town so I have been moaning and groaning around feeling so sorry for myself.

Then along about Thursday I began to have another thought–kidneys. The pain is right where it should be for that, and the pain has been of the spasm variety sometimes and absolutely breathtaking. Got out dear old Adelle Davis – ‘Get Well, Stay Well’ book and looked up what to do, and started doing it. Now I am feeling somewhat better, but then a pulled back gets better too, in time, so there you have it.

I went down and tried out an electronic typewriter, so that is another avenue to approach. Came home unsure and don’t know if it was the typewriter, or me, or my back, or what, but was not all that thrilled, so will let it slide for now.

Writing has been going like Amtrak (on and off the track) but now at least I have my armature (plot) and I’m excited about it. I have had some trouble with names but now I think that is solved too. Here are the two main characters–Roberta (called Bobbi, Robbie and Roberta at various times in story but for all practical purposes is known to us as Robbie) and Walker (Walk).

A lot of “Webs” is from a man’s point of view (Walk) which I swore I would never do, but then I had to because of the plot. So I have been reading books from the man’s point of view. So far all the books I have read have dealt with male sexuality. I just may have found a new hobby!

Let me tell you a funny dream Dad had; He dreamt I decided I was going to make some money so I went down to the radio station and got a job singing on the radio. He said I wasn’t all that bad. We laughed until we cried. Just a neat dream.

So how is the job situation with you, or shouldn’t I ask?

Tried the bread again and it was just as easy and even better tasting. I made French bread and rolled it in poppy seeds, and made cinnamon rolls, and a pineapple coffee cake. Can I quit now?

Just got through reading “Blue Highways” and liked it so much I got us both copies. Also have been re-reading Ludwig Bemelmans books. I consider him a master writer and my guru. Of course, what he wanted to do was paint and as a painter he ranks with the least of them. Aren’t we fearfully strange beasts? We always yearn for something else. Well my back is giving me fits so will stop for now and look forward to seeing you.