When you can do it better, you can criticize!

Notes from Alexis: The winter “doldrums” that we both tended to get are beginning to pass. Life looks a little brighter for many reasons.


Dearest Lex,

Please note the date–this means I am now out of January and I can feel that upward swing of good vibes. I do believe I am well on my way to developing a phobia about winter.

I got up Monday and thought, “I have to call Lex.” But since I couldn’t figure out why I had to call, I didn’t. Same thing yesterday, so decided to write today and find out why I should have called.

Have written seven or eight chapters of “Tangled Webs.” Well, actually they can hardly be called chapters, but at least I have most of my thoughts down. And now I guess I have run out of steam.

Yes, I did get the tapes and love them. I have been taping a lot of my records, I have some lovely records and most are unusual. It has been fun to look through them and tape them.

Someday perhaps we can sit down and have a long philosophical discussion about M. If such a thing is possible. At this point it’s about like having a hole blown through your house and being able to be nonchalant it all.

One funny thing, I have always said “When you can do it better, you can criticize.” Of course I always meant it for the other fellow. Then I found I wanted very badly to criticize, so I am in the curious position of having to do it better.

What I wanted to criticize was A’s bread. I have lost count of how many times or types of bread she made, and I hated them all with just two exceptions. Such a dilemma, laying down precepts is just fine, but abiding by them is quite another. So I just gritted my teeth, got out one of my bread books and started reading.

I guess I am just lucky for the book I picked was one with all kinds of shortcuts. So I picked one called “Coolrise Method” and set forth. It was fast, easy and fun. The two loaves turned out like a photograph in Betty Crocker. Not only that, I found myself chewing and chewing, the flavor was so good. However, I cut the salt in half because I use sea salt and believe now the bread would have been tastier with full amount. Now can I bitch?

We gobbled the candy down that you sent, but have come to the conclusion we have been on carob so long we don’t properly appreciate chocolate any more. The thought was lovely though, and much obliged. Sure did like that candy you gave Dad at Xmas and would like to know the make and name.

Also got so homesick to spin that went in and tried it. Haven’t lost the magic touch but got headache. Came up with idea of an air purifier so got one, and didn’t get a headache the next time. Furthermore got up today with an edge of headache so turned it on and began to get better. Maybe I’ll use it and Kirby vacuum to keep me going.

Dad says he is going to build me a proper desk (big enough, etc.) and then will turn Studio I into a writing room, and move everything out that is sewing, into Studio II. I have been weaving a little and plan to get all of that warp woven off the loom and then take loom down and probably move it into Studio II, which will certainly make the front room look larger.

Well, here I sit with sun shining on my head, full of coffee and homemade bread, and not another thought in my head, so will stop for now. I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks or so,weather and whatever permitting.