The Thrill of Rejections!

Notes from Alexis: Pretty funny, being thrilled about being rejected. The woman always had a funny side.


Dearest Lex,

Well I hope this finds you smiling for I sure am. I sent an article to “Handwoven Magazine” which they rejected: “The article itself seems too dated to use in Handwoven, but what struck me is that you really write awfully well….. etc.”

I was thinking of having the letter bronzed but I’ve just about worn it out looking at it. I mean if you have to be rejected that’s the way to go!

I have another fun one for you. I saw on the news that a guy had a brush with the law that was a beauty. It seems he went to a print shop and wanted them to print him up $100,000 worth of food stamps. Don’t you love it! They got hold of the FBI and printed them up, and when he came to collect them the G-men got him. He got six months in jail and two years’ probation. I have to tell you I’m still laughing.

I haven’t heard a word from those F’s. It’s mighty hard to second guess those folks, but Greyhound will start running tomorrow at half-fare so may see them this weekend—or whenever. After a two-week hiatus, I finished writing a chapter that I felt had to go in EAB, and finally knew how. The hardest part of this re-write business for me is knowing how. I don’t mean the piddling little business of a word here or there, I mean how? As in the old joke: Two Indians were out fishing and one caught a mermaid and threw her back. The first Indian said “Ugh, why?” and the second said, “Ugh, How?”

It seems so simple now to write the book in the first place and now I’m into the Ugh How? phase – which drives me nuts. Frankly a lot of it seems secretarial, and I suppose I’m not up to it just yet. For one thing my typewriter is not right for a finished product (it is elite and I need pica). I am considering checking on renting an IBM for final manuscript, which may be far, far in the future.

I seem to have lost a lot of grey cells lately for I can’t remember what we decided you would bring for Thanksgiving. Me turkey, you?

Will go love on little J’s bones. He is the strongest little baby I have seen. Ironman Campbell! Last week he was trying to fake cry to get us to leave him alone so he could sleep, but we pestered him anyway, poor kid.

Am hot into genealogy and I tell you it is so exciting. Of course with my usual modus operandi – I am going at it like killing snakes. I have found so much history that I should have learned in school, and didn’t. If I were teaching history I would do it the genealogy way.

Well, see you in a week, and am really looking forward to it. We won’t get to talk I’m afraid but at least seeing you will be great.