“Always Going” an autobiography of Gwen Campbell

Hello Dear Friends and Followers!

We are proud to present the newest book by Gwen E Campbell, called “Always Going.”

This is her autobiography as a child in Texas from 1937 to 1946: Experience this fascinating, humorous true story of a young, inquisitive girl as she encounters life over thousands of miles of southwest Texas, and Oklahoma and California. Discover small towns like Junction, Texas, in the 1940’s.

“There was no hurry, no violence, and no worry in Junction. Voices were not raised except at mules and dogs. Whatever anger, illness or sadness that resided below the surface only jumped out now and then, like a fish cleaving the surface of a smooth running river. One jump, one splash and it was gone into the deep once more. I used Junction like medicine…”

The following link will take you to her book on Amazon.com http://amzn.com/B00GW50PGK<a

The book will be free for your download between 11/29/13 and 12/3/13. Enjoy and share!