Catching “Genealogitis”!

Notes from Alexis: The first draft of EAB is done!! A day to remember!
11- 2-83

Dearest Lex,

I just wanted to tell you that I have caught a serious disease. It is called ‘Genealogitis.’ Or perhaps I should say ‘I’ve seriously caught it.’ Unfortunately I don’t believe it is catching. I don’t think going to a seminar would do it unless you have the germ already floating around in your brain.

Last Saturday was the most fun I’ve had in ages. I caught the bug, bought the book and joined the club. Hopefully the book will be here by Thanksgiving.

It’s a damn good thing I went because I found out that New Hampshire has the best records in the U.S. of A., going all the way back to 1640 or something like that. Having the town blow up and disappear won’t do it for EAB. So I came home and wrote the last two chapters and I believe you will be surprised at the ending.

So light a candle or something for the first draft of EAB is finished! Now what? Well of course I have to start rewriting it. Sure, I sit here knowing there are big holes in it and all kinds of things need to be done, and I’m all overcome with fear, dread and trembling.

But Lex, listen up, I’ve actually written the first draft of a book, a real sure nuff book! What a day, write November 1rst down as an important feast day.

Speaking of feast day (in the movies that is called (segue in). I have another big piece of news but wanted to soften you up first. Got a call from A. Friday saying, “Gwen, we’re ready to bail out,” what do you think about us coming to K.F.?” Then M. came on the line and said he had A. call, because he was too chicken.

He said he was sick of being poor. Where have I heard that before? So OK, now I have been saying, “Put a guardian angel with each one of them, God, and tell them what to do for they certainly don’t know.” They call me with that, so what can my response be but to send them some money and tell them to get down here.

They should be coming to your place in about a week. We’ll pause now for a 5 minute shudder. The thing is I’ve been helped and you’ve been helped, and we owe, so it looks like we’ll have to pay up. Just keep the kids in mind. We have to help them so they will help little J. Big J., of course is just floating on air. He is going to put out the word and see if he can get him a job and a house.

Dad is having palpitations. He doesn’t know how he will ever be able to support them, but I have faith. The F.s still have their guardian angels. Of course I may need another one myself before this is over, so start putting me in the light.

I will ‘F.-ise’ the house and take everything out of back bedroom, put J.’s old mattress back there, and all the kids can sleep on it. There may be room for the parents in the back bedroom too, or at least in Studio 1. I’m going to take down the loom and am looking for a sofa to put here in the front room.

Turkey day is still on and you and S. will come down and throw your sleeping bags on the floor! There is no use coddling him. He’ll get a taste of all of us–sink or swim. I mean if he can’t survive us, you’ll want to know that now. You don’t want a cream puff for God’s sake! It takes backbone and grit to get through such a thing, so we’ll test him. Perhaps we could package ‘it’ and sell it to NASA for astronaut training.

Always something brewing with Mom!