Reasonable and Logical don’t always work out.

Notes from Alexis: I like her “World Plans,” sadly they still hold true today.

Dearest Lex,

Well this has been another of those noteworthy weeks, the kind you couldn’t imagine if you sat down and thought all day.

First J. called me Thursday night and said he had P. in the hospital to have the baby. So I went up about 10:00 p.m. and by seven the next morning she was still in labor, and it was becoming very clear that she just wasn’t going to have baby naturally, and she had been in pain for so long, they took her down to surgery and took him C section.

So he’s a nice big 7 lbs. 13 oz. 21-3/4” (same length as M. was) and P. is fine.
I got home and there had been a hard frost and I do mean hard. It wiped out tomatoes, beans and corn. It left the plants bare with just the fruit on. We are leaving tomatoes on in hopes they will ripen, and any corn that was filled out will ripen but no more will fill out, I don’t suppose, but anyway we have gotten to eat a lot of both as it is.

But I’m here to tell you I’m too old for such nonsense as staying up all night. It took two days to come around.

I am going in this week and helping P. with housework and keeping her company, as she tends to be pretty scared about the whole process, as I was with all three of you kids. So you can just imagine how that is.

I never did have lunch with L. She didn’t call and finally about a week later she sent me a letter telling me that she had been in a bus accident some time ago, and ever since then she keeps forgetting things, and it sounds bad to me but I was so relieved to not have to go. How do I get myself into these things?

I have cancelled the quilt class because not enough signed up, much to my relief. I wasn’t in the mood for such a thing at this time, although three gals were really disappointed. And then the wild plums came on. I have put up 22 pts. of preserves and I could put up ten times that much, but I got no energy left over.

Now for EAB. This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder. I decided to have the town (Wellman, N.H. a figment of my imagination) flooded a couple of times to set everybody in the mood to move. I noticed there was a railroad (The B&M –Boston & Maine) spur at one time to Hill which is real, and in general vicinity of my fake Wellman. Then in later maps it wasn’t there, so decided to investigate and found— lo & behold –a whole book about the B&M. I then found in another book about the big floods of 1927, 1932, 1938 and the big hurricane of 1938. Don’t you love it?

I guess I will have to write a whole chapter about Wellman, as I have fallen in love with the town and the whole thing. Plan to write to some libraries in NH and see if I can get info about the Franklin Fall Reservoir (which covers the imaginary Wellman).


I got your letter and cat card. Just loved them, but am glad you pointed out paw notes for I had missed it. There are people who collect all sorts of things but I’m always on the lookout for originality and this goes in my collection.

Lecture time! It is not Reasonable or Logical to be angry about your job. Now then anytime an emotion falls outside R&L you must OPTION it out, for our emotions are trying to red flag us about something. Don’t just skip over this, but go into it thoroughly because it is very important.
I dreamed of chocolate last night, no kidding! It is because I have had a lot more contact this past week with an assortment of folks than I can’t R&L stand. I’m going to have to do something after this week is up to regain my sanity.

I have two new “World Plans”:
ONE: A war zone should be declared in Lebanon and northern Ireland and anybody who wants to fight can go there and fight, but there would be no wars or fighting allowed anywhere else in the world and they (the fighters) would have to sign up and abide by rules (no lethal gases, no atomic weapons, etc.).

TWO: The only people allowed to have babies would be those who had licenses. In order to get a license a person would have to know and pass a test on basic cleanliness, basic nutrition, basic health and child care. I mean they license plumbers for God’s sake!

I think it is criminal to turn helpless infants loose to people who don’t know the basics such as me and P.

I believe it is entirely possible that I am becoming testy and losing my mellow. I have a very, very low threshold for stupidity, and I’ve had about all I can stand this week. I know full well all the arguments that can be made about being understanding and kind, etc. My mind knows but my nerves don’t give a sh–!

It always makes me feel better to be able to write you and dump it all on you. In fact my good humor is peeking out.