144 Cookies!!

Notes from Alexis: Putting on an Art show can bring flutters to your heart in more than one way.

Dearest Lex,

Hope you are fine, we are. It froze three nights in a row. We didn’t cover one night and it got the beans, but I went out with scissors and cut off frozen leaves so now we will see what transpires.
Now the following story is one I really hate to tell because I have been telling everybody for 50 years how smart I am and now I have to admit how stupid I am.
Do you remember my conversation with B.G.? Of course you do – all witty and gay. What she said was, she was putting me in charge of cookies (for your Art Show) as the mothers usually do that, but one mother is married to an alcoholic and the other can’t or won’t. Ponder that for three seconds.
So OK! Now she said that it is hard to know how many people will come –someplace between 100 and 400 will come to reception, so plan on 200. You heard me say I would ‘buy’ cookies.
Well Friday morning (after my first cup of coffee) I came straight up out of my chair screaming TWO HUNDRED! My God! That’s a bunch of people dear one and how many cookies should one prepare? One each, two each, three each? Dad always eats three. Well in case you don’t have your handy dandy calculator handy 200 = 16½ dozen, 400 = 33 dozen and 600=50 dozen and 50 dozen times $1.69 (Safeway ugh) = $84.50. My mind will not admit numbers that large. I have decided to rise to the occasion and accept the challenge.
I got out my cookbook and found three simple recipes and sat down and figured it all out and here is my plan. I will make four batches of each recipe (four dozen each batch) and freeze dough and then the weekend before the show I’ll start baking, as the book says they need a week for flavor and then I’ll store them in coffee cans.
I went right out Wednesday after you left and started cleaning up. In the course of cleaning I came across a lot of empty coffee and honey cans, because Dad had asked me to save them for him, and now he doesn’t want them. I started to dump them then decided to keep them for rya yarns and now the cookie crisis has struck and I need them desperately. The very thought of trying to transport 144 cookies causes me to break out in a sweat. Could it be that the person with enough cans gets the job? It seems to me that people who are helpless (alcoholic husband indeed!) get by with an awful lot. Still, does one want to be helpless? Such a Dilemma.
I was telling a friend that I was so pleased because I have decided to just spin, weave, do Rya rugs, quilt and Frameworks and she said, “Yes, Gwen, but what does that eliminate?”
I thought about that a bit, and I guess – knitting. It had seemed to me I was really limiting myself, but put that way, I guess I haven’t culled much. Sometimes it is as hard to cut down as it is to open up.
Well, I’ll need a vacation after this show so hope you still plan on me coming up. Also you will have to come down to close the show, so maybe that would be a good date for your camp out with Dad. I don’t know why I am concerning myself with that, as it is your problem but I tend to try to solve all problems. Inventor instinct I suppose.
I have been whirling like a dervish trying to decide what to wear–this is the drill–style first, then design, then weave. I really should get busy and “Option” the DRESS as it is and always has been a huge problem. How nice to be a kitty and always be in style.
Now we know something about dear old Dad. He knows how to take pictures outside. The ones he took of you in Vest were pitiful, unlike the ones he took outside of Betsy’s Secret that were outstanding.
Most of Frameworks pictures are not good, so will just take them over outside, I guess. As the end draws near (three years from now) I begin to panic. There are so many things to think about; mounting the pieces and finding a gallery and showing. I think we should show here first to practice and getting publisher for book and “Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into?”
Well panic aside, things seem to be under control. It has been so cold the last few days but I suppose the day I start baking it will be 100°
Well as you can see, nothing much going on just your usual, every day normal type of hurricane.