Life with welts and headaches!!

Notes from Alexis: Poor lady was always allergic to so much! Then add welts, and you have one ‘Red and White’ woman.

7- 28-83

Dearest Lex,

Well get the coffee and settle down, for here is another of those long involved stories.

I wrote you about getting so excited about the needlepoint patterns that I started plotting the lessons. Last Wednesday D.J. called and wanted my list of students that I thought might be interested in a weaving class. So anyway, in the course of talking to D. she asked me what I was doing and I told her about the needlepoint. She said, “in that case I should talk to B.C. as she was opening a yarn shop downtown.”

I went up Friday to her house and met her and her business partner and we hit it off great. So at this point in time I am planning on having lessons in September or October. It turned out these two gals are really more interested in sewing than yarn, and plan someday to add fabrics. Her partner signed herself and a friend up for my Creative Quilting class.

My rash welts are really bad this morning with puffed up eyes, but then I did work two hours yesterday getting raspberries, and weeded and braced and suckered the corn. But here is the good news. I spun Tuesday (no mask–outside) and no headache.

Oh, did I tell you the good one? No, of course I didn’t but I’m a’gonna. In the course of talking to B., I found out the quilt show in Jacksonville had started last Saturday, so I said something to Dad and he wanted to go. We went over and stopped in Ashland for coffee. We had coffee and goodies and I had a whole wheat croissant. It was so good I couldn’t believe it!
Anyway back to Jacksonville. The show was fantastic but it was hot, hot, and hotter still! We decided to go to Medford and fool around. As we were going by the downtown park I made Dad stop. I was so ill I thought I would pass out, and had a splitting headache. He wet his handkerchief and I put it on my head and we sat there until I felt better, and then came on home.
That night I was so sick I was desperate and took one of his green and yellow allergy pills and 20 minutes later I was all better. Cleared up my headache and welts, and opened up my eyes and throat. There is only one drawback. The side effects are a problem. All the next day I felt dopy and my lips were numb. Jeez don’t you love it? So I will save them for allergy headaches and just not worry about welts.

Now about Dad, sorry dear, but he cannot take any time off, and he can’t go camping that weekend. That weekend is just before he leaves on Thursday to go elk hunting and for a week ahead he is piling stuff all over the house trying to remember what to take.

B. was so thrilled about your sweet letter she had to call me and read it to me. She said she would help me take your art show down. I always start out so optimistically with B. and somewhere along the way the whole thing collapses, and I realize we are speaking different languages. I can just hear her telling her friends that she just loves me but can’t make heads or tails of anything I say.

Well, Dad has gotten himself a new play pretty. He received a camera from some outfit for ordering parts, and it is a Nikon. (He worked for an auto dealership) The only catch is, it didn’t have a lens. Sort of like a car without an engine, what is with that? So he found the lens here in town—for just $240!! — for that treasure, and he wanted it so badly he called me from work. I believe he had probably already bought it and suddenly had this picture of me going through the roof. Anyway I guess it does miracles and I’ve tied lead weights to him to keep him from floating off.
So anyway I suggest you plan on coming down for a day or two and think in terms of a day on a lake or river with Dad. The man does not have his head together the month before hunting and he can’t deal with two things at once.

Did I forget anything? Probably, as it is always high excitement here at El Rancho Campbell.

All Our Love,