Literature Lover!

Literature LoverNotes from Alexis: Included is a clip from our local newspaper. This barber shop sat next door to our old gallery, “The Outback Pottery and Spinning Wheel.” Makes you laugh out loud. PLUS who ever breaks into a Jewelry store and takes $53.00 worth of “something???” Too Funny!

5- 20-83

Dearest Lex,

Thank you so much for the birthday present. It worked just like you thought. The UPS man came and I wasn’t expecting anything so I was really thrilled. There is only one problem. These colored stationary papers follow the “Dad-New Shirt Routine.” I’ll put them away until I can bear to use them. I love them! Thank you again.

Dad is getting better about his shirts. He has been wearing shirts that have been in the closet only a year. He did pull one out, however, that neither if us remember.

I am so glad you are coming down in three weeks. It will be lovely to see you. Weather finally got over 60 degrees. Dad took a couple of days off and one of them was really lovely. We now have a rose garden. Dad planted seven roses! He has been wanting roses every since we moved in–so I gave him the plan and he gave himself the “no” –so he was able to go ahead on his days off and put them in. He’s going to build a bench to go out there so we can sit and admire the view.

And then there is Lambie Pie. Jenkens gave her to us. They got her and raised her on a bottle and had her tied up in back of their house. The kids lost interest in her so they gave her to us. Dad went out and put barb wire at top and bottom of fence so maybe she will be safe. She loves people and bleats out for them and then comes bounding for loving, so we may end up having to keep her.
Got a longing letter from A. & M., he doesn’t have a job and they have to move at end of June. I sent them three Kaufman books and told them to “Option” it out and see if Klamath is in their future. No sense asking them to come down unless M. wants to or he’ll just move again in six months.

P. called and she is pregnant. Due September 18th, doctor says and they are so thrilled they can hardly stand it. Me, too!

An interesting thing happened to Dad, which you will appreciate. We watched a TV program of painters and when they showed the impressionists, of course, he had some rude comments, and then he told me what happened the next morning. He said he was standing at the table cleaning his glasses and looked out and it looked just like those paintings. He wondered if those painters might have had “bad eyesight.”)Pretty funny Huh! So for the first time in his life he was able to see something from another’s point of view, and it really opened his eyes (pun).

I got one of my famous headaches yesterday and it came after two days of working with wool; one day I spun and next day I carded on machine. Now I am in a tizzy because I haven’t had a headache in a long time and I haven’t spun in a long time. I think I should have been logging all my headaches; I will wait a few days until I feel really good and try it again. I am prepared to throw a real fit and sulk for a long, long time, if the spinning is the culprit. But the wind has been blowing and everything is blooming and maybe that is it.

For the first time in my life I may be doing something at the right time, instead of ten years too soon. Fiberarts had all kinds of ads wanting material. What has happened is those early weavers who made “Wearable’s” created a market, and now there is more demand than supply. I figure I am just learning so I’m not really antsy to jump in yet, but by the time I’ve woven all my yarn, I’ll at least be in a position to critique. At this stage of the game I can’t decide what particular talents I have to offer in the material line, but I feel good about my efforts and not only that but I enjoy doing it. The green comes off today or tomorrow)off the loom) and a red goes on.

I was thinking about polyester and realized that it is throw-away material. Wear it a time or two and throw it away, so it is perfect for our time and place for this is a throw-away society, actually always has been, but I feel change in the air.

Gotta run but will write more later.