How to promote for selling all things!

Gwen IINotes from Alexis;

Back in 1983 Gwen was working with her hand-spun wools for her ‘knitting hats’ and was trying to figure out how to market them. I was living in Portland, Oregon, trying to find a new home and life. It didn’t happen, but I eventually ended up in Eugene, Oregon, and stayed for fifteen years. Something must have been right!


Dearest Lex,

Loved your letters and the card! I found some carob covered grahams and just pigged them down, with chocolate thoughts.

Am enclosing the picture Dad thinks is the best he has ever taken of me, I have to laugh as you can tell I was saying cheese (see “About Gwen”). Dad always says “smile” and then fiddles with the camera and backs up and fiddles some more. By that time you can’t UN-smile and as you know there is only going to be that one picture, so you really tense up.

I have started giving considerable attention to pictures of myself. After all I will need them for promotion of Knittin Kits and Frameworks. Have decided a 3/4 profile from right side is best so my face doesn’t look like a dinner plate, and down a little to hide the double chin. I think with glasses, and wearing dark colors to show off my nice dark complexion, and not too much cheese. What do you think?

I have been stewing and stomping around because I have just about got Knittin Kits ready to sell – but to whom? I spent one whole day feeling terribly sorry for myself because of this selling problem, but I couldn’t hold the thought. Perhaps that is the key to depression. You have to have tenacity. If you are going to let your mind wander away from the problem you are just never going to succeed at feeling sorry for yourself, and as you know I am easily diverted.

If you want a child to stop crying, you hand them a piece of candy. One of my very first memories is of falling down some steps and crying, and Mother handing me some candy coated peanuts. As the bump swells up on my forehead I am contentedly snuffling and eating the candy.

Writing is candy to me so here I am contentedly snuffling about my little bump.

We have had weather.

I try to get a book of cartoons about every time I go to the library and found a delightful one by George Booth. His dogs and cats just fracture me, not to mention his mechanics. Garage humor is very funny.

My writing tends to give me a coffee thirst so guess I will stop and quench.